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Insight-Driven IT Resilience

Monitor the health and protection status of your entire multi-site, multi-cloud environment.

Zerto Analytics gives you visibility and control over your protected workloads and the tools to plan for protection needs. But Zerto Analytics goes beyond providing metrics—it also provides you with key insights that you need to achieve your IT and business goals. From resource planning to instant access via mobile, the Zerto Analytics solution helps you meet and maintain your service-level agreements (SLAs), optimize your current infrastructure, and prepare for future needs.

Predict Future Storage Needs with the Zerto Resource Planner

A key capability of Zerto Analytics is the Zerto Resource Planner, which gives you forecasting capabilities to properly plan and size your infrastructure. No matter where you move your data storage (e.g., another vCenter or the cloud), the Resource Planner allows you to determine your future resource requirements.

The Resource Planner even lets you forecast your journal history equirements, giving you accurate data when planning an increase or decrease to your journal history.

Experience Complete Visibility with Zerto Analytics

Zerto Analytics provides IT teams with a simple, single view to monitor the health of their entire protected environment.

One Single Analytics View For All of Your Sites

Whether on-premises or in the cloud, use real-time intelligent dashboards,analysis, and reports to confidently monitor the health and protection status of your applications and data, including full visibility into your protected vs. unprotected virtual machines (VMs) so you can build the right protection strategy.

Key Benefits

Real-time and 90-day Historical Analysis

By combining real-time visibility with up to 90-day historical data, Zerto Analytics lets you build predictive analysis and deliver business value.

Intelligent Dashboards and Reports

Customers can continue meeting SLAs and solve for operational efficiencies by using intelligent reports that help them identify areas of concern, such as average recovery point objectives (RPOs), network performance, and storage consumption.

End-user analytics for service providers

Managed service providers (MSPs) can populate portals with custom content by using Zerto Organization (ZORG) filters to view and pull analytics for any customer.

Zerto Mobile

The Zerto Mobile app lets users remotely view the status of their entire protected environment—anytime, anywhere.

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