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Achieve Higher Marks on the FITARA Scorecard with Zerto

Congress passed the Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA) in 2014. The act was meant to improve technology implementations in federal agencies with the following core objectives: Decrease costs Improve efficiencies by streamlining purchasing Reduce duplicative spending and unused capacity The law has produced positive results, with some agencies achieving improved measurable outcomes. The […]

Achieving High Availability for Federal Agencies in a Time of Unprecedented Demand

Federal agencies are facing extraordinary demands on their IT systems. To serve citizens and communities effectively, they are expected to remain available 24/7, compliant to security and data protection standards, and prepared to face increasingly severe cyberattacks. Meeting these demands means that having resilient systems is more critical for federal agencies than ever before. An unexpected event, like the pandemic the world is facing right now, increases the challenge of staying ahead of IT demands.   So how do federal agencies […]