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Not Just a Unitasker: Zerto’s Virtual Replication

September 19, 2016

On Alton Brown’s cooking show, he used to abhor a unitasker – a tool used for only one thing. They clutter the cabinets and are useful only in the rare instance that you need to slice an egg or store half an onion.

Similarly, a unitasking product in tech is annoying. They clutter your IT brainspace with yet another procurement item, another bill, another upgrade and another set of passwords. The value of a single-purpose tool is just lower than a multi-use tool.

One of the coolest surprises about the Zerto technology is that, while it leads with it’s incredible ability to protect your workloads through replication, it can do so much more. For example:

Did you know you can use it to migrate to the cloud?  Our customers deploy Zerto on the workloads they are migrating, let it complete the replication, and then trigger a failover at their convenience. Seconds later, they are up and running in our cloud without skipping a beat.

Did you know you can use it to do security testing? iland’s cloud has a bunch of awesome security technology baked in, so our DRaaS customers often trigger a failover test and, on that exact-copy running in our cloud, put the system through the paces. They test for vulnerabilities, take an inventory of items to address, and make the updates back on their on-premises systems. It’s non-intrusive testing at its finest!

Did you know you can do scalability testing and other QA tests? Again, the exact-copies running in the iland cloud, in a “failover test” manner, can be used to do all types of testing – from QA to scalability, all without impacting the on-premises production systems at all.

Of course, it also does exceptional disaster recovery. Whether failing over from their on-premises systems or from another cloud location, iland customers are consistently dazzled by the speed, accuracy and low cost of the Zerto-based solution.

So – before you file Zerto away in your desk drawer under “In case of emergency,” give it another glance. It might be better labeled “Swiss army knife.”