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Enhancing RTO & RPO with DRaaS

August 17, 2018
Est. Reading Time: 2 minutes

When disaster strikes, is your business prepared to face the financial implications of not having a disaster recovery solution in place? A disaster recovery solution protects your company from extended downtime on critical business applications, minimizing the overall financial impact of the interruption.

On Wednesday, August 28th, Meriplex Communications is hosting a webinar highlighting the business value of proactively implementing a DraaS Solution in advance of a disaster. Connor O’Carroll, the IT Director with Kingspan North America, will discuss their key objectives in selecting a good disaster recovery solution with low RTO & RPO times to protect critical business systems from experiencing data loss and extended downtime. Kingspan will also provide insight to the challenges they faced with their previous disaster recovery solution and the benefits they received with the Meriplex’s DRaaS solution powered by Zerto.

“The Meriplex DRaaS solution powered by Zerto offered simplicity in terms of its administration, operations & visibility.” – IT Director

Choosing the Meriplex DRaaS solution powered by Zerto enables you to implement a simple, yet powerful solution with low RPO & RTO times to minimize both critical data loss as well as the financial impact to your company. Utilizing DR in the Cloud, with a trusted service provider, reduces costs, saves on resources, and ensures higher performance and reliability, giving you confidence in the solution to perform when disaster strikes. The Meriplex DRaaS solution, powered by Zerto’s hypervisor-based replication technology, offers a clear and concise picture into your DR environment, building recovery orchestration and automation into one easy-to-use software platform while providing visibility as your applications are restored in real-time.

About Meriplex

Meriplex is a managed solutions provider specializing in intelligent network solutions, managed services, and cloud enablement including customized disaster recovery solutions for the mid-enterprise market.