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Disasters to Scare the IT Out of You!

October 31, 2017

“The day began like any other Monday morning – that’s when the phone rang…One of the traders couldn’t access a file that was critical for trading.  Assuming it was nothing out of the ordinary, I began work to try and restore the file.   It was then that I noticed the Ransomware infection.  I stared in horror at the message on the screen:

‘I am every nightmare you’ve ever had.  I’m your worst dream come true.  I’m everything you ever were afraid of…'”

“Thousands, no, hundreds of thousands of files had fallen victim.  I slunk down into my chair.  ‘This is going to be a long week…'”

The tales shared during this year’s Scary DR Stories webinar we’re among the most terrifying events we have heard yet.  We had some ghastly submissions but in the end, it was Mr. Neal Potter’s Ransomware recount that took home the grand prize.

Like many others, Neal knows firsthand the terrors that accompany a ransomware attack.  Not only are you denied access to critical (and often extremely sensitive) information, but there is no guarantee that you will recover your data even after paying the ransom.  In fact, a study from PCWorld states that only 1 in 5 companies received a valid decryption key after paying their attacker’s ransom.  If you decide to go the manual route, you (much like Neal) face the fate of a particularly lengthy restore process.   It took Neal 2 weeks to get his data back – is your business ready to withstand that?

Fortunately, Scary DR Stories has made Neal an expert in recovering from ransomware.  With our journal-based protection, Zerto replicates VM changes every few seconds so you always have a clean copy of data.  Should ransomware rear its ugly head at 12:00:00, you can rest easily knowing that all you need to do is rollback to 11:59:50 and restore the data to a clean point-in-time.  No other solution makes recovering from ransomware as easy as 1, 2, 3.

*Disclaimer – Okay, there might be 4 clicks involved in the recovery…but who’s counting.

Didn’t get the chance to tune into Scary DR Stories?  Fret not!  The oracles foresaw this and have recorded the webinar for you.

Click here to watch the Scary DR Stories webinar or watch below now!