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TaxSlayer Simplifies Data Protection with Zerto’s Consolidated DR and Backup Solution

TaxSlayer, a leading online and professional tax and financial company, based in Augusta, GA, strives to make life simpler and less stressful for millions of Americans with their easy-to-use tax preparation software.

The information technology team at TaxSlayer is committed to IT resilience as the foundation of exceptional customer experiences. TaxSlayer’s priority to deliver “always-on” availability for their critical business applications led them to partner with Zerto to protect their tax processing data, applications and servers.

“A major focus is on resilience – how we’re able to recover from planned or unplanned failure and minimize impact to end-users. With Zerto, we’ve been able to reduce maintenance windows to move between operational Data Centers in less than 15 minutes.  This translates to less than a minute of interruption to our customers” said Eric Bradley, Chief Information Officer at TaxSlayer.

One of the advantages is how easy Zerto’s IT Resilience Platform is to use. After a new employee joined TaxSlayer’s IT department, he was up to speed on the platform in a few hours and comfortable making changes within a few days.

TaxSlayer also benefits from the granularity that Zerto’s IT Resilience Platform offers when it comes to recovery point objectives. Recently TaxSlayer moved their backups into Zerto enabling them to retire their previous backup solution, Veeam. On top of the 10 percent cost savings, TaxSlayer is now able to have granular backups in intervals of seconds versus Veeam’s nightly backups.

With Veeam, TaxSlayer was not able to recover deleted files as quickly as needed, and in some cases, depending on when the last backup took place – files were not able to be recovered at all. In one instance, TaxSlayer used Zerto’s journal checkpoints to look at a file before and after their antivirus software flagged it, to determine what changes to the file triggered the alert.

“Managing DR and backup in Zerto changes the game for us.  We have much deeper granularity from an RPO perspective and one single pane of glass to manage both processes”, said Eric Bradley, Chief Information Officer at TaxSlayer. Learn more about how Zerto can help solve for both disaster recovery and backup.

In the future, the team looks to extend the use of the platform by enabling cloud backups to either Azure or AWS in a different region to give them geodiversity without standing up another physical site.