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Avoid Healthcare IT Disasters – Protect More Than Patients. Protect Your Business.

Digital disruption in healthcare is moving fast. Data in EMR systems, billing systems, telemedicine, care collaboration notes and research studies are growing exponentially, making it challenging to quickly find and tap into the right data to reach the best diagnosis and care plan for the patient. In addition to the sheer volumes of growing data, digital disruption in healthcare is further fueled by the movement in innovation profiles around artificial intelligence (AI), virtual and digital care delivery and automation.

Now imagine what happens when the EMR system servers start having cooling problems, hardware starts shutting down, and recovering data requires emergency failover. Or worse yet, you’ve been hacked, and a cybercriminal is holding your encrypted healthcare data hostage with ransomware, requiring you to pay huge amounts just to get up and running again. Meanwhile, care providers are resorting to paper medical records and limited information to make care decisions. Add to this scenario, the normal operational challenges of growing budget restraints that restrict procuring hardware to deploy disaster recovery (DR) servers and put effective, soundly tested DR plans into place. If an outage happens, are you ready to recover from the disaster?

The pace of medical science is bringing research and clinical care delivery worlds closer together, allowing unparalleled collaboration between physicians, researchers, consumers and domain knowledge clouds. But without the right platform continuously protecting the vast amounts of data and information that fuels collaboration, nothing works. All these factors necessitate having the right technology solution to protect your information, your patient outcomes and your business.

A healthcare organization’s digital future must include a resilient IT platform as the backbone to continuously protect your data, allow for 24/7 access for care delivery and meet stringent compliance requirements to protect patient information. It’s not only paramount for transforming highly personalized patient care, it’s critical for maximizing the resilience of your healthcare business to thrive as digital demand grows.

But don’t take my word for it. Hear from a healthcare executive who’s lived this transformation firsthand. Robert Moss, Virtualization Operations Supervisor at Centura Health, deployed Zerto’s IT Resilience Platform™ with a vision to modernize their IT operations, protect their EPIC system and leverage critical data to promote always-on healthcare. In just one year, Zerto has helped Centura Health recognize cost savings by eliminating other tools with licensing costs, reducing storage needs and develop plans to better leverage the flexibility of the Cloud for DR.

Watch the webinar, “Easily Protect Healthcare Data and Mitigate the Ransomware Risk” to see how the Zerto IT Resilience Platform™ forms the backbone for healthcare organizations to thrive as data complexities and care challenges keep evolving.

Learn steps to reduce IT costs and complexity, including:

  • IT Modernization and cloud
  • Avoiding data downtime affecting patient care and business resilience
  • Mitigating the threat and astronomical costs of Ransomware and data loss
  • Perform, and report on, fail-over tests in just minutes (not hours) for audit and compliance purposes