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Zerto’s Ease of Use in Backup and Disaster Recovery Makes an Impact on Customers

Staying on top of backup is challenging enough without platforms that make the job of IT managers more complex. Instead, IT managers require solutions that are simple to configure and easy to run. Zerto has completely reinvented the backup market, delivering the benefits of continuous data protection through a single platform to protect and recover all applications, in a cost-effective manner—addressing customers’ needs for an always-on business without unplanned downtime or data loss.

Ease of use rises as a top benefit for Zerto users, as it offers advantages in data backup and recovery and positively affects backup and DR operations. This article shows how Zerto has benefited real users, drawing directly from their experiences shared at IT Central Station.

Time and Cost Savings

Zerto has simple failover and invaluable test environments, according to Tim L., a Senior System Engineer at a company with more than 500 employees. He said, “It is literally as easy as pushing a button to flip to a contained test environment for staging roll-outs or verifying backup integrity.” He further praised Zerto’s automation, which lets their team avoid having to assign a dedicated person to watch the solution.

Zerto’s ease of use contributed to significant time and cost savings for the team of Don C., a Senior Server Storage Engineer at MAPFRE Insurance (a company with over 10,000 employees). “Previously, when we had a disaster recovery drill, it would take two of us working for three or four hours just getting applications up and running. Now, for the disaster recovery drill, I’m able to finish my work in about 30 minutes and be available onsite to help and assist anybody else as needed.”

Ease of Configuration and Setup

IT Central Station members spoke to the importance of ease of setup and configuration in their DR/backup platform, which is another area where Zerto excels.  One Zerto user shared that it was straightforward to set up, and “the installation and configuration are incredibly easy for someone who is reasonably familiar with IT management.” Stephen F., a Senior Operations Engineer at a healthcare company with more than 1,000 employees, similarly remarked, “The most valuable features of this solution [Zerto] are its ease of use and simple setup.”

The sentiment was echoed by others, including Mark M., a Manager of Infrastructure at Vizient (a healthcare company with more than 1,000 employees), who noted that their previous solution for adding VMs was very cumbersome, whereas “Zerto takes on new additions to protection groups much easier, and it saves our admins a lot of time having to care and feed it.”

Other users appreciate Zerto’s agnostic system.  Rodney C., a System Analyst at a financial services firm with more than 200 employees, brought up this functionality, noting, “I have used various models of arrays and servers from Dell EMC and HPE with no issues from Zerto.”

Flexible Scalability

Zerto also has scalable backup and DR for organizations of all sizes. “Whether it’s a small site or a big site, it doesn’t really matter,” said one reviewer, a Senior Director of Security Operations at a tech services company with more than 10,000 employees. Companies that outgrow their backup and DR solutions can find themselves struggling to be resilient. Zerto’s simplicity and ease of use, coupled with scalability, alleviate this potential problem.

This user also spoke to the ease of setup. “The initial setup is very straightforward compared to a lot of others. The user interface is very simple and very intuitive. It goes one step at a time so you can logically follow through the steps to set it up.”

Another Zerto user at a wholesaler/distributor with more than 10,000 employees acknowledged Zerto’s scalability, noting, “We used to use VMware replication appliances to attempt to replicate our VMs to remote locations and servers, but Zerto’s one-to-many replication options with deduplication have made the process much simpler without having to constantly worry about the versions of each driver.”

Saving Money While Gaining DR Confidence

Ease of setup and use translates into savings and confidence, according to many Zerto users on IT Central Station.

Implementing Zerto also has resulted in cost savings for Jason M., a Senior Director of Information Technology at Revenew International, a small financial services firm. “Zerto has saved us money by enabling us to do DR in the cloud rather than in a physical data center. . . . The one time we had the failover and run at the DR site, instead of having two or three days of downtime, we really had less than one day of downtime. If you measure that in how much money we were able to make that day, it’s around $200,000 to $300,000.”

“This solution has given us the confidence to know that our complex systems are being backed up off-site in real-time and are testable on demand,” said another Zerto User. “This gives me a real sense of ease when speaking to management about our resilience, and being able to demonstrate it includes everyone in the processes to confirm that.”

One Platform That Does It All

Zerto is the only all-in-one platform that converges disaster recovery, backup, and cloud mobility in one simple, scalable platform. Tour the Zerto platform and see how your organization can benefit from Zerto’s  continuous data protection that delivers greater time and cost savings, and improved RPOs and RTOs.


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