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The Future of Data Protection Waits For No One

October 15, 2020

A new era of backup and recovery with continuous data protection

Bottom line: what has worked in the past, will not work for the future. If your company still relies on expensive, dedicated backup and disaster recovery infrastructure it’s time to make the switch to a software-only platform based on a foundation of continuous data protection (CDP).

IDC predicts the same amount of application development over the last four decades will continue—but at an accelerated pace and will be crammed into the next five years.

Is your organization ready to handle these workloads?

What about ransomware attacks? Database corruption? Accidental deletions? Data and application availability can no longer be considered separately. Modern workload movement technology allows applications to move seamlessly from on-premise to multi-cloud. Data availability must move in tandem to assure the greatest agility and meet availability SLAs. Your data and applications must remain available, regardless the disruption. Customer relations and loyalty leave little room for downtime or data loss.

Smart companies are making the switch to solutions based on continuous data protection that meets the availability SLA’s required of today’s business and supports hybrid and multi-cloud environments. IDC reports that 70% of CIOs have a cloud-based strategy for application deployment.

IDC’s Tech Spotlight Report on CDP talks about a new era of backup and recovery. It answers your questions on best practices and how you can future-proof your organization. Learn how modern data protection can recover granular-level data within minutes with zero disruption to productivity. Explore current trends in CDP and how a multi-cloud solution can give you a competitive edge to help support your company’s bottom line.

Read the Spotlight Report

The need for the highest levels of application availability is only going to become more urgent. Don’t get left behind with an on-premise recovery solution. Invest in continuous data protection and become a leader in the market today with Zerto’s platform.