Continuous Data Protection: A New Era of Backup and Recovery - Zerto

IT disruptions are a common occurrence in our modern business world. How do you stay continuously protected?

IT focus is no longer on backup and disaster recovery as separate tasks, but rather on data and application availability. Data and application availability must be considered together in order to deliver the services that both the business and their customers expect.

In this Technology Spotlight, the International Data Corporation (IDC) analyzes the challenge disruptions pose to businesses, how the cloud factors in and how continuous data protection sets a new standard to minimize data loss and ensure rapid recovery.

IDC’s Technology Spotlight describes how Zerto’s innovative platform uses continuous data protection (CDP) and journal-based recovery to help organizations ensure always-on availability with the tightest RPOs and RTOs in the industry.

Read the report for an in-depth analysis of how you can help your organization mitigate the risk of a lengthy disruption, and quickly restore your critical data with minimal data loss.