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The Art and Impact of Continuous Versus Periodic

December 10, 2020

At Zerto, our reputation is built upon our unmatched platform that’s engineered for continuous data protection (CDP). The Zerto platform has helped thousands of organizations solve their disaster recovery challenges. With our journal-based technology that allows you to choose from any of the unlimited checkpoints to recover your data to any point back in time, data loss is a thing of the past.

Fast-forward to Zerto in 2020. With our recent release of Zerto Data Protection (ZDP) in October, we’re extending our platform capabilities to conquer the new world of backup and the shortcomings of legacy, periodic backup. Our customers already know how important it is to protect their mission-critical applications in a continuous manner, but what about all those other applications? Is backup that permits hours of data-loss acceptable? Or protecting your applications only once a day? Zerto is absolutely convinced that the answer is no. And we’re ready to let everyone (and every application) experience CONTINUOUS protection.

So, what does continuous truly mean? I am going to use some examples to show the impact of “missing out.”


Every day an estimated 300 billion e-mails are sent and received (yes that’s a staggering number…but true). An average office worker receives 121 and sends about 40 e-mails each day. If your organization has 1,000 employees and you need to restore your e-mail environment to the latest backup copy you risk missing a total of 161,000 e-mails. Can you imagine contacting customers asking them to resend those orders? Or letting your employees regenerate all those e-mails? And that’s only if you can figure out what you’re actually missing. How much would that missing information end up costing your business?

School Recital:

It’s almost time for the holidays and traditionally many parents will proudly watch (and record) their children’s school recitals. Imagine recording the recital using the same strategy you use to protect your company’s data, and instead of an hour-long tear-jerking performance of your child (which will of course include a solo) you only watch them entering… and then leaving the stage.

Gathering evidence:

OK, one more humorous example to really get you thinking. Watch this video:

While we get a glimpse and even a chuckle out of these basic examples, the real business examples, impact and revenue implications are endless. But all of them share the same root cause, it’s periodic versus continuous. Zerto has taken on the challenge to ensure organizations never lose data again for any applications.

Join me to see a real demo and learn how to modernize your backup with Zerto Data Protection to protect your most precious asset – your data. Watch this on-demand webinar now.