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Modernize Your Backup with Zerto Data Protection

In the modern business environment, organizations must have technology available 24/7 to operate efficiently and meet consumer demand. Downtime and data loss can cost a company millions of dollars and damage its reputation. Yet traditional backup systems are notoriously inadequate when it comes to ensuring quick recovery and minimal data loss. What if your organization could get both in one simple, vendor-agnostic solution? What if that same solution met your data retention, compliance and local backup needs?

Zerto Data Protection (ZDP) can displace your backup solution with a single platform that installs into any enterprise environment in just minutes with a TCO savings of up to 50%. Based on continuous data protection (CDP), Zerto can help your organization reduce data loss and downtime with the fastest RPOs and RTOs in the industry.

Zerto Data Protection: Optimize Your Backup and Lower Your TCO

Protect, recover, and migrate workloads with a cloud data management and protection platform.

Why Zerto Data Protection?

Zerto’s continuous data protection helps you avoid downtime by eliminating the time gaps and data loss inherent to snapshots and periodic backups. With always-on replication, data checkpoints only seconds apart make it easy to rewind to the point in time just before an interruption. Application consistency groupings ensure that large databases and their dependent applications are protected as a single entity—so all components can be restored to the same point in time, in the right order.

By offering a new, cost-effective backup solution, you get the power of Zerto’s award-winning CDP to all applications, at a much lower TCO. Visit Zerto Pricing & Licensing to see how ZDP compares to Zerto’s ECE license.

How the Zerto Platform Works

Continuous Data Protection: Always-on replication and unique journaling technology provide remarkable granularity with thousands of restore points to help you seamlessly rewind to any point in time. Quickly and consistently recover entire sites, applications, VMs, and individual files and folders without losing critical data.

Infrastructure Freedom: Software-only, scalable platform can be installed on existing infrastructure and start replicating in under two hours. Unlock the cost-savings of the public cloud and easily backup to Microsoft Azure or AWS. Utilize your existing hardware, such as a Purpose-Built Backup Appliance (PBBA). Protect and recover workloads in the cloud or on-premises.

Data Versatility: Use the same implementation for backup, disaster recovery, workload migration, and more, removing the complexity from the recovery experience. Reuse data from isolated sandbox environments—that only differs from production by minutes—for testing and development, validating patches or upgrades, and conducting security scans.

Complete Visibility: Built-in analytics provide a simple, comprehensive view of all your environments, including multi-site and multi-cloud, with a mobile app to monitor SLAs anytime, anywhere. Live data protection reporting across all resources and restore operations ensure you have the correct data when you need it.

Key Benefits

Full-service Platform and Cost Savings

Cost-effective data protection and disaster recovery in a single, scalable solution that protects all databases and applications with flexible licensing options.

Check out the TCO calculator here.

Best Service Levels

Continuous data protection accelerates recovery times, with RPOs of seconds and RTOs of minutes.

Long-term Data Retention On-premises or in the Public Cloud

Required for compliance and regulatory demands where data needs to be stored for months and years, data is incrementally copied from the journal into cost-effective storage on-premises or in the public cloud. Achieve cost optimization while eliminating problematic backup windows.

No Production Impact

No more snapshots! Zerto unlocks RPOs of seconds and seconds of recovery with instant restore and no impact to production.