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Make This Your Last World Backup Day

For those few unenlightened souls, World Backup Day takes place every year on March 31st.  That’s the day consumers and businesses worldwide, pledge to protect their data and applications by backing them up – and not be a “fool” by leaving data unprotected the following day, April Fool’s Day. Get it?!

It’s a great use of the calendar to promote a necessary event, for sure. But if you’re a business that backs up your data just one day per year, I’d say you need to take a serious look at your IT strategy. With today’s 24/7, always-on world, you need business-critical data and applications available to you and your customers at all times. No exception.

With data breaches, ransomware and natural disasters poised to strike at any moment — not to mention normal IT changes, migrations, etc. —  it’s imperative businesses develop a backup strategy to proactively meet these changes head on.

Don’t take our word for it on the importance of backup and data availability, ask Facebook, whose mysterious, 14-hour outage remains unexplained.

Today, the key to a business’ IT resiliency is to take a converged approach with Disaster Recovery (DR) and backup, working together seamlessly, in a single, simple solution.

With all due respect to World Backup Day, businesses looking to compete in our always-on world, must move from simply backing up their data to having a continuous backup strategy.  

Organizations need to experience Continuous Data Protection (CDP) and application availability, with the ability to rewind to any point in time, from seconds to years ago, with granularity to recover files, all without impacting the production environment.

Sound impossible?

Well, on April 16, Zerto will create the impossible and change the way backup is done, forever. On that day, Zerto 7 is released, and will feature converged Disaster Recovery and Backup in one, simple, scalable platform.  

Then, you can end the reign of terror Legacy backup has on your business and enjoy Zerto 7’s freedom, simplicity, speed and continuous data protection. One of the great ways to remember Zerto 7 is the “Power of 7.”  That’s because you can recover from 7 seconds to 7 weeks to 7 years ago. Zerto 7 also features the “Power of No”:

  • No Downtime
  • No Data Loss
  • No Snapshots
  • No Backup Windows
  • No Impact to Production

Getting antsy about seeing this 7th Wonder of the IT world?. Check out Zerto 7 in this Sneak Peek webinar.   

Because of Zerto 7, World Backup Day — and backup in general — will never be the same. And that’s a good thing for all businesses.