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Why Continuous Backup Really Matters. The Memes Say It All!

March 30, 2021
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And the winners are…

We set out on a journey to have a little fun with humor and see just how people feel about the shortcomings of traditional periodic backup versus modern continuous backup solutions like Zerto’s. We’re excited to announce the winners of our Backup Meme Contest hosted by Zerto!

In March of 2021, we called on the IT community to contribute their own memes around backup and recovery experiences. We hoped to both acknowledge the huge gap between the legacy backup solutions and business expectations for 24/7 uptime, and to celebrate the amazingly resilient backup admins and IT professionals tasked with this herculean task.

Thank you to everyone who submitted entries to the meme contest! We were impressed by the creativity, entertained by the humor, and commiserated with the many frustrations around inadequate backup expressed in the memes.

Check out the meme contest submissions here on this social wall. Click through to share, like, and comment on your favorites! We hope they will continue to provide an outlet for IT pros struggling with challenging backup solutions, while also introducing a better way to protect organizations from data loss and downtime – continuous data protection (CDP).

Without further ado, here’s our winners and some honorable mentions!



It was a struggle for us to pick winners from the pool of amazing meme submissions presented to us. When evaluating, we considered the total number of engagements, as well as number of memes shared by an author.

Most Popular Meme Creator

With Andy Fernandez’s submissions, we couldn’t help but chuckle and then eagerly await the next installment. Thanks for the laughs, Andy, and congratulations for having both the most memes submitted and total engagement across your memes! Here’s a few gems:

Most Liked Meme

“I know when that back up stinks, that can only mean one thing.” Kyle Taylor, we couldn’t agree more with your spin on Drake’s Hotline lyrics. Congratulations, Kyle, for having one of the most liked memes submitted!

Most Engaging Meme

Though we got many loves and likes on the memes, it takes a bit of extra something to get the people talking as well! Congratulations to Stewart Crabb for having the most comments on a meme!


Honorable Mentions

We want to recognize some other contest entries who deserve a shoutout and special recognition. In no particular order, here they are!

A special thank you to Chris Snell for submitting the very first meme! That “uh oh” moment is one we’re all very familiar with and dread!

Instant classic when Chris Rogers posted this take on a “distracted” Backup Admin!

We also couldn’t then resist including the unofficial sequel to the distracted admin. Thanks Alex Hudzik, for this gem!

Last, but not least, a shoutout for the very last meme posted for this contest! Derek Adair, what if we told you, it’s never too late?

We’re grateful for all our participants! If you would like to see more of the memes, head on over to the social wall to check them out.

If you’ve gotten the message and are truly tired of legacy backup, take a look at  A Comparison: Zerto vs. Traditional Backup, to see how Zerto’s modern backup solution does what traditional backup just can’t do, or read our newest white paper here!

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