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Visit Zerto at Our First RSA Conference, Build IT Resilience, and Win!

February 19, 2020

For an IT organization, cybersecurity is paramount, and as an IT pro, you’re likely to be at RSA in San Francisco February 24–28. While you are at RSA, be sure to come to booth 6458 to learn how Zerto will help you recover from cyberattacks faster than you thought was possible and build your IT resilience strategy so that you can mitigate the risk of data loss you face from cyberattacks.

This year is Zerto’s first time at RSA, and we are packing a lot of great content into our booth:

  • On Wednesday (2/26) from 1:15–2:15 P.M., we’ll have an AMA session with Zerto customer Jayme Williams from Tencate. He’ll talk about how Zerto helped them recover from ransomware with only seconds of data loss, and answer your questions about the experience.
  • Our interactive booth will have a lock-and-key game that gives you a chance to win an iPhone 11 or AMEX Gift Card. Just recover the winning key, unlock the box, and win the prize!
  • At our booth you will find professionals who can help you understand Zerto’s unique approach to ransomware recovery—we call it IT resilience—and the tools we use to reduce data loss and time spent recovering your critical data.

Ransomware attacks are growing in volume and severity, continuing to evolve and keeping organizations on their toes. These attacks use various methods to encrypt your data and disrupt your operations, forcing many organizations to pay for decryption.  The best defense against ransomware is not having to pay anything at all. But if your latest backup copy is from several hours ago, or even a few days, your organization is facing inherent data loss and an insurmountable amount of time recovering your enterprise applications.

Zerto has a solution that makes the decision much easier. With Zerto, your data is easily recoverable with Continuous Data Protection, minimizing data loss and downtime in the event of a ransomware attack by allowing you to rewind and recover your data seconds before the attack.

By combining journal-based recovery and replication, Zerto’s IT Resilience Platform™ ensures you’re able to recover to any point in time, seconds apart, without impact to your production environment. That’s a cornerstone of IT resilience.

If you can’t make it to RSA but you want to know more about IT resilience, please visit our ransomware page on For all those of you going to RSA, we will see you there! We’ll be in booth 6458.