Malware, Ransomware & Cryptolocker Recovery & Removal | Zerto

Protect Your Business and Your Brand from Malware Attacks Like Ransomware

Prevention of malware attacks isn’t always possible, but mitigating the threat certainly is. Zerto allows you to quickly recover from cyber-attacks, such as ransomware, helping reduce disruptions to your business operations and ensure your organization achieves cyber-resilience.

Take a Proactive Stance

Forget about paying the ransom and recreating lost work. Zerto’s fully automated failover and failback recovers corrupt applications and data within minutes—in only 3 clicks.

Don't Let Ransomware Hold Your Data Hostage

Once your organization falls victim to a ransomware attack, files are locked down. And if your latest backup is from last night, last week, or, even last month, the questions become, “How much data can we stand to lose?” and, “What’s this going to cost the business?”

But with Zerto’s Continuous Data Protection your systems are covered with minimal data loss and downtime after a ransomware attack. Zerto allows you to rewind and recover from any point in time—even within seconds.

Ransomware attack? It’s not a matter of if, but when.

Gartner report: How to Prepare for and Respond to Business Disruptions After Aggressive Cyberattacks.

Experience Uninterrupted Performance During Attacks

See how a large insurance carrier uses Zerto to recover from ransomware, not once, but on several occasions.

Continuous Journal-based Protection

Zerto makes sure you always have a clean copy of data somewhere. Block-level replication protects your data while journals deliver point-in-time recovery with seconds of granularity.

Pinpoint Attacks with Zerto Analytics

Network reports within Zerto Analytics help you find unusual behavior in generated changes and to pinpoint the timeframe of malware attacks.

Use DR Testing to Ensure Success

Don’t leave things to chance. Test your recovery applications and data to ensure corruptions have been completely removed.