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Why Shift to the Cloud?

June 23, 2017

Cloud computing is causing a paradigm shift in the information technology landscape.  Companies are moving production workloads and even entire datacenters to the cloud in order to fully realize the benefits the cloud offers.  However, two questions that I was always taught to ask myself during my university days was, “Why”, and “How?” Why are companies so interested in the hybrid cloud? How are emerging technologies helping to get them there?

The first part is easy – people are moving to the cloud because it offers undeniable benefits to the business.  If I have a secondary site that costs me $X to rent, $Y to staff, and $Z to power, the idea of spinning up a datacenter in the cloud and paying only for what I need when I need it is fairly attractive.   Being able to do more with less reduces IT costs while not impacting IT’s capabilities.

Furthermore, efficiency has always been and always will be the name of the game for information technologists.  Workloads are dynamic, and sometimes require more “oomph” in order to get the job done.  Consider the online retailer that is tasked with meeting the demand placed on their systems during the holiday season.  The ability to burst those workloads to the cloud and optimize their performance during these peak times means there is less risk for systems to falter during the Black Friday rush.

Gartner predicts that $1 Trillion (yes, trillion with a T) in IT spending will shift to the cloud by 2020.  Furthermore, the same analysts say that by the same year, a corporate “no-cloud” policy will be as rare as a “no-internet” policy.  Bob Dylan had it right – “The times they are a-changing.”

The latter part of my initial question – How?  Well, that’s even easier.  Begin to utilize software-defined infrastructure, remove your reliance on hardware and hypervisor platforms, and find a solution that will get your business to the cloud quickly and easily.  Zerto is helping people adopt and realize the hybrid cloud vision, allowing you to migrate/protect critical applications in hundreds of clouds including AWS and Azure.  Stay tuned for more content to learn why the cloud is right for you and how you can leverage it today.  In the meantime, test drive Zerto by downloading a free trial here.


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– Ryan Siegel, Zerto Technical Marketing, focuses on creating and delivering the latest innovations and solutions in the IT Resilience space, including disaster recovery, datacenter migrations, and driving the adoption of new technologies and solutions. Find Ryan on LinkedIn.