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Just Google It: Three is the Magic Number in the Cloud!

April 17, 2020

With the launch of Zerto 8 in March, we shared our excitement about our new partnership with Google! While we have great partnerships with Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS), it always felt like something was missing. With the Google partnership, we’ve finally added the third big public cloud provider to our list of supported platforms.

Partnering with Google allows our customers to run the Zerto IT Resilience PlatformTM on Google’s VMware-as-a-Service offering. The VMware on Google Cloud solution allows you to run native VMware workloads on Google’s isolated and dedicated all-flash, hyperconverged bare metal stack. Save time with no need to train your IT staff on new technology and you can keep using your existing management tools, all while using Google Cloud in the backend. For Zerto users this means that you can deploy our software-only solution on the environment without worrying about scale.  Zerto scales with the environment as it grows by using our scale-out Virtual Replication Appliances. Everything that makes Zerto the leading IT Resilience Platform is now available on Google Cloud:

  • Journal-based Recovery – Recover to any point-in-time with seconds of granularity
  • Application Consistency Grouping – Use our Virtual Protection Groups to easily protect and recover entire application stacks



Let’s quickly go through some of the use cases that Zerto enables when used with Google Cloud.

Easy migration of workloads

Moving workloads to VMware on Google Cloud has never been easier. Our continuous data replication ensures you will always have a recent copy of your production environment available in Google Cloud whenever you want to hit the “Move” button. Built-in orchestration and automation facilitates your migration smoothly and within minutes. And using our test workflow you can easily test your migration without impact to the production environment, giving you the confidence of a successful migration.

Use Google as your DR site

Get out of the business of managing a datacenter and start using the cloud as your recovery site in case of disasters. Zerto offers you RPO’s measured in seconds and RTO’s of minutes ensuring you can simply continue your business in case of any emergency. And just as with migrations, we also allow you to completely test your failovers without impacting production and data protection.

Region to region DR

Already running your most important workloads in VMware on Google Cloud? We’ve got you covered. Simply use Zerto to replicate to another region within Google Cloud and ensure you are protected against any disruption! Need to recover from ransomware? Simply rewind and continue!

These are just a few examples of what you can do with Zerto and Google Cloud!


Learn more and sign up for early access to our controlled release

Google’s VMware-as-a-Service is expected to announce general availability in June. Zerto is working together with Google on rolling this out with early adopter customers in a controlled matter. Interested? Please sign-up here.

 To learn more about the Zerto and Google partnership, visit our web site.