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AWS Cloud Backup Just Got Easier with Zerto

Zerto certified for AWS Storage File Gateway

Zerto began a journey to revolutionize the way organizations approach their disaster recovery, backup and cloud mobility by building an IT Resilience Platform™ designed to deliver. Extending that journey, we’re excited to announce the certification of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Storage File Gateway for cloud backup and long-term retention storage in the cloud!

What does that mean?

Well, if you utilize AWS Storage, it means a lot. It means you can leverage Zerto’s continuous data protection (CDP) technology with AWS in the cloud. Let me explain.

Our competitors are attempting to do the same, but their approach is wrong.


They’re building upon a foundation of snapshot-based technology, a deep flaw that will be a barrier to achieving zero downtime and data loss. Long ago, we realized that in order to build a platform for IT resilience, you need a continuous approach based on replication technology. We just so happen to have the best and most innovative replication technology in the industry: Continuous Data Protection.

There are key pain points and impediments that snapshot-based technologies have:

  • Large data availability gaps due to the performance impact of snapshot copies. For example, if you’re hit by a ransomware attack at 6 p.m. and your latest backup copy was from yesterday, you’re going to immediately lose an entire day’s worth of data.
  • Inconsistent Recovery. Think of all the multi-VM applications you would have to recover in an incident. Since you have different copies and checkpoints throughout your backup restore, you’re recovering different versions of that application.

Why is Continuous Data Protection better? Because we’ve built a continuous stream of your data (with checkpoints four seconds in between) that you can simply rewind to at any point in time using our journaling technology. Historically, that was only built for short-term use. But we’ve now unlocked its full potential by extending that journal into the long-term, secondary storage. This means that any user could unlock the value of CDP, short-term and long-term, by using a secondary storage target site to retain the journal.

That’s why this announcement is so important. Because now AWS users can utilize Continuous Data Protection and gain the following capabilities and benefits:

  • Seconds vs hours or days of data loss when facing a disruption
  • Seamless and consistent recoveries of enterprise applications
  • Minimizing their infrastructure use by using less costly public cloud storage as a target site

Snapshots are a thing of the past. The future of backup and IT Resilience is continuous, not periodic. Learn how Continuous Data Protection is the only approach to IT Resilience by reading this white paper.