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Avoid Salesforce Data Mishaps and Mayhem

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Data backup and recovery strategies for cloud and SaaS workloads are becoming more of a focus for large and small businesses. It is no longer if an event will occur, but when companies will need to recover from data loss. Salesforce is critical to the success of your business, which means that it’s time to think about how you’re backing up that Salesforce data.

While data loss is inevitable within any organization—whether it’s because of human error, a ransomware attack, or a data breach—proactive data protection is the first step to avoiding business disruptions.

Does Salesforce back up your data?

Remember, Salesforce doesn’t take any responsibility for your data loss, nor does it protect data in the cloud. Keeping that data safe is your responsibility. Salesforce does provide some native tools that you can use for backup, but it’s limited to an export. This means that the process to restore your data is intensive. Retrieving it involves a zip full of CSV files, and restoration is manual and time consuming. You also need to proactively pull down these CSV files every week, and most organizations don’t realize that they must take this step to recover their data before it’s too late.

What about Salesforce metadata, and why is it so critical for backup?

Simply put, metadata is data about other data. For example, say you create a new account called “The Best Pets.” The names of the fields are metadata. As you can see, backing up data without metadata would be useless because you lose not only critical data, but also how it is connected to other data.

For Salesforce specifically, consider all these standard and custom objects that should be protected:

  • Accounts
  • Activities
  • Campaigns
  • Campaign members
  • Cases
  • Contacts
  • Lead
  • Notes
  • Opportunities
  • Custom objects

Departments across your entire organization, from sales to marketing and IT, are using and relying on Salesforce. This makes it difficult to discover where problems originate and whether they’re the result of human error, integration, or data corruption. And in large organizations, there will be hundreds or thousands of Salesforce users. Data glitches can also happen in small organizations with fewer IT specialists. Consider how long it might take to manually fix an issue when there are 100 users. Keep in mind that this time is in addition to the days or weeks it took to even identify the issue.

Salesforce is a consistently dynamic database. This means the data and metadata are unified. When you restore, you must properly repair all the interconnections, and that relies on backup intelligence and application awareness.

Zerto Can Help

As an IT leader, your top concerns are data protection and data availability. Can your business afford to lose mission-critical data for 6 to 8 weeks? Can your budget handle unpredictable costs up to $10,000? Can you perform time-consuming manual reconfigurations when a Salesforce backup loses metadata? Instead of worrying about when data loss will happen, you can use a third-party backup provider to recover data and metadata in minutes—at a predictable price point—regardless of what happens.

Don’t assume your Salesforce data is automatically protected. Zerto Backup for Salesforce saves time, is cost effective and scalable, provides ease of use through a simple user interface, and gives you peace of mind that your data is securely backed up, recoverable, and available whenever you need it. Zerto provides:

  • Automated daily backups every 12 hours
  • A clutter-free user interface that’s intuitive and easy to use, increasing productivity
  • Set and forget operations—you can set up in a few clicks, and the backup will be running in the background
  • Custom retention, from a standard 12 months to unlimited, depending on your needs
  • Unlimited storage and archiving at no extra charge
  • No snapshot expiration—restore any object from any point in time
  • Technology scalable to millions of users with long backup retention from 12 months to unlimited
  • Point-in-time instant restores
  • Blockchain-like technology, making it extremely difficult for anyone or anything to hack or corrupt files that are backed up
  • World-class security with dual data centers and 4 copies of data in private data centers
  • Data sovereignty, allowing you to store your data at the data center of your choice

Visit our website and read the datasheet to learn more about Zerto Backup for Salesforce. We also welcome the opportunity to show you what Zerto can do for you: get in touch to learn more or request a demo.


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