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Australian Securities Exchange Outage: A Recurring Reminder Of The Need for IT Resilience

September 19, 2016

As any successful person or organization would know, failing to prepare is preparing to fail.

In light of the ASX trading failures this week, and the numerous public IT “outages” that have been reported on over the past few quarters, it is worth reflecting on what IT resiliency really means.  For Zerto IT resiliency means being prepared for, and having the ability to quickly and easily recover from, a long list of potential daily “disruptions” to critical organizational IT services.

What should an organization be prepared for?  In the past, organizations would take a “nightly backup” of their data.  In today’s 24×7 “always-on” IT, taking one or several “backups” a day is woefully inadequate, leaving organizations unprepared.  Recent reports of infrastructure and hardware failures, corruption issues, and a significant rise in effective cyber-attacks (malicious intrusion events) have compromised the IT service delivery of some of Australia’s biggest corporations and public agencies.

We at Zerto believe that preparation and application-protection-testing is key to mitigating the growing list of risks that can compromise successful service delivery.  Old ways of protecting your IT, past technologies that worked 5, 10, 15 years ago, are no longer adequate in the virtual, cloud-ready IT environments of today and tomorrow.

Our customers, over 150 organizations in the Australian market, have used our platform to increase their resilience against the myriad of issues that face IT today.  They have simultaneously reduced organizational risk, driven complexity from their IT infrastructure, and have reduced up front capital and ongoing operational spend on ‘risk mitigation’ and ‘Disaster Recovery’ strategies.

Reducing risk, eliminating cost, making it easier and less complex to adopt new ‘cloud-ready’ platforms is possible.  In fact, if you ask a Zerto customer, they will tell you how easy it is to be prepared for the dangers, and opportunities, always present today’s always-on IT world.

Learn more about how Zerto can help your company build IT resilience and have the confidence to respond quickly, and seamlessly to any IT disaster.