Zerto Named Vendor Champion in 2020 SoftwareReviews/Info-Tech Enterprise Backup and Availability Emotional Footprint - Zerto

Zerto Named Vendor Champion in 2020 SoftwareReviews/Info-Tech Enterprise Backup and Availability Emotional Footprint

In the market for a more resilient disaster recovery and backup solution? As a user, we know you want to not only feel comfortable with the solution you chose, but that you want to feel good about the entire process of selecting a vendor for your backup and overall data protection needs.

Enter SoftwareReviews, a division of Info-Tech, which recently released its annual Emotional Footprint Report that analyzes customer feelings surrounding their software and solutions.

Why is this report different from others in the market? Because SoftwareReviews recognizes that selecting a software vendor can be overwhelming and challenging. And while finding the right technology is critical for any organizations, they understand that “it’s valuable to know what kind of emotional response the vendor you’re considering elicits from their users.”

In this year’s Enterprise Backup and Availability Emotional Footprint report, one clear frontrunner has emerged: the Zerto IT Resilience Platform!

Measuring Emotional Footprints

The Net Emotional Footprint rating measures user feelings towards different products. It “aggregates emotional response ratings for various dimensions of the vendor-client relationship and product effectiveness, creating a powerful indicator of overall user feeling toward the vendor and product.”

Products are ranked with a composite score on a quadrant that compares platforms across multiple dimensions, including:

  • Individual Feature Evaluations
  • User Satisfaction Rankings
  • Vendor Capability Comparisons
  • Likeliness to recommend the platform

Zerto: The Customers’ Champion

The Zerto IT Resilience Platform was the number one overall choice among similar products. It received a “champion” rating with a net emotional footprint of 96 percent in overall user sentiment. The strongest associated positive emotions were “saves time” and “respectful”—both with scores of 100 percent. No negative emotions were recorded for the Zerto platform, while all other products rated had at least some negative emotions attached.

Zerto also received perfect scores in other categories, including caring, integrity, fair, transparent, reliable, enables productivity, and performance enhancing, among others.

Zerto Makes Choosing Easy

Software pricing can be complicated, because it involves not just a product but a long-term relationship. That’s why it’s critical to choose software that you can feel good about committing to for the long-haul—one that provides the most value at all stages of the relationship, from procurement and implementation to service and support.

The Emotional Footprint Report clearly demonstrates that the Zerto IT Resilience Platform delivers the highest value compared to perceived cost, resulting in the industry’s most satisfied customers. Just read what Info-Tech says about Zerto:

“Enterprise Backup and Availability products are essential to businesses wanting to ensure the protection of their data. Zerto’s performance in the SoftwareReviews’ Enterprise Backup and Availability survey for vendors in this space conveys customer confidence that they are providing the right mix of product, integrity and reliability. This is not an easy achievement and Zerto should be proud of their performance,” said Darryl Levesque, Principal Research Advisor at Info-Tech Research Group.

Download the report to see exactly how the Zerto IT Resilience Platform was rated by customers, and how it consistently outperforms its competitors in the market.