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Zerto 7.5 Delivers Uninterrupted Cloud Agility, Security and Analytics for Your “Always On” Business

September 24, 2019
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Businesses continue to demand an always-on customer experience and that challenges IT professionals to find ways of adopting new technologies such as cloud to better protect a company’s data, reduce capital spend, and do more with existing resources. Essentially, it’s the ever-evolving challenge of moving at the speed of digital business using the right information and data to fuel the customer experience. While juggling all of this, IT organizations are also facing ever-increasing cybersecurity attacks, like ransomware, that grow more dangerous by the day, requiring that better data protection strategies are put in place.

The IT market responds with solutions, but they typically are point solutions resulting in businesses deploying multiple tools introducing more complexities, costs and risks.

Zerto takes a different approach, focused on delivering IT resilience to organizations, converging disaster recovery (DR), backup and cloud mobility to reduce downtime, simplify management and reduce costs, while eliminating barriers to digital transformation.

Earlier this year, we introduced Zerto 7 that converges DR, backup and cloud mobility into one single, scalable IT Resilience Platform™. We embarked on a journey to deliver continuous availability and data protection across short and long-term data retention while reducing the tools and costs needed to deliver on the concept of IT resilience.

That’s why we’re excited to announce Zerto 7.5! This release continues the journey to converge DR, backup and cloud mobility, working extensively with our strategic partners VMware, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and Microsoft. By deepening our partnerships and integrations with public clouds and storage vendors, we’re delivering cloud agility, enhanced security and unparalleled visibility to performance via advanced analytics.

Zerto 7.5 is divided into four key pillars:

  • Cloud Agility
  • Enhanced Security
  • Platform Updates
  • Advanced Analytics

We’re so proud of our development team’s continued innovation that’s truly changing the way businesses achieve IT resilience. Check out our “What’s New in Zerto 7.5” datasheet and our release notes if you want to learn about all the great new capabilities.

But let’s start with the highlights:

Cloud Agility

Our mission has always been to make it easy to facilitate your move to the cloud. Whether it’s for DR or migrations, it’s about giving you the performance you need with the confidence to move forward easily with your chosen cloud strategy. Now, Zerto supports Microsoft Azure Managed Disks, meaning you can

fail back from managed disks to and from the cloud. Now, you can unlock the value of Managed Disks to deliver improved flexibility and performance for your Zerto-protected VMs in Azure.

Zerto 7 also introduced integration with Azure VM Scale Sets. In the 7.5 release, we’ve deepened that integration to support ongoing replication. This helps you better manage and scale your Zerto workloads in Microsoft Azure, achieve faster Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) of just minutes, reduce overhead through horizontal scaling and increasing efficiency with scale sets.

Additionally, Zerto 7.5 brings support for Azure VMware Solution (AVS) by CloudSimple. Meaning you can take Disaster Recovery and mobility requirements for on-premises VMware environments to, from and between Azure with Azure VMware Solution (AVS) or to Azure native to benefit from Azure’s scale and simplicity.

Read the Azure VMware Solution by CloudSimple data sheet to learn more.

Enhanced Security

In the past, organizations have sacrificed performance and ease of use for security. Zerto is changing that, to give you IT resilience and availability for your highly secure environment. To do so, we deepened our relationship with VMware and became part of the vSphere APIs for I/O Filtering (VAIO) program. As a design partner, we’ve enabled Secure Boot and Storage Policy Based Management (SPBM) integration for your VMware vSphere environments.

We’ve also continued to integrate with public clouds to enhance cloud security and management. Including support for Azure Managed Service Identity (MSI) and AWD Identity Access Management (IAM).

Platform Updates

As mentioned earlier, Zerto 7 began the journey of converging DR and backup. We’re advancing our efforts by giving you the ability to solve for backup use cases and the flexibility to choose your secondary storage target site for long-term data retention. Zerto 7.5 brings HPE StoreOnce Catalyst as a cost effective new secondary storage target site delivering source-side deduplication. This is just the beginning as our journey continues.

Advanced Analytics

Analytics should not be an afterthought or add on, that’s why we built Analytics into the IT Resilience PlatformTM, so you have instant visibility of your protected site, whether it’s on-premises or in the cloud. Zerto continues pioneering the use of analytics and control of your data center while including it in the IT Resilience PlatformTM at no cost. Every few weeks we deliver new features, capabilities and insights that provide new views and controls for resource planning. This gives you added visibility into the present performance and the right metrics to evaluate your future data center needs. Learn more.

To dive deep on all the capabilities delivered in the Zerto 7.5 release, click here.