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Some Things Are Just Better Together: Announcing Zerto 7.0, Converged DR & Backup!

Ever try giving a kid some broccoli just to watch him quickly push the plate away? But, add cheese on top and suddenly broccoli becomes fantastic to them. The same holds true for peanut butter and jelly, fish and chips or whatever you prefer. Some things are simply better together than on their own. The same thought applies to IT solutions. I know it’s a stretch going from food to IT but stick with me as I explain.

Organizations can’t afford to sustain any data loss

IDC determined the average cost of downtime is $250,0001 per hour across all industries and organizational sizes. Traditionally, protecting business-critical data has been addressed by disaster recovery (DR) and backup solutions running in silos to avoid costly downtime. Legacy backup, where periodic “snapshots” are taken to copy data to secondary storage, worked for a while, but over time proved resource intensive, complex and costly, particularly if sluggish backup processes timed out causing production downtime. And if an outage or cyber-attack occurred just before the next backup window, companies risked losing hours’ worth of data changes. All this creates systemic risk to its business and brand.

The ever-increasing speed of digital business and potential threats such as ransomware, now require organizations to achieve much more granularity and agility in data recovery, down to seconds, while maintaining production performance.

So, just like peanut butter and jelly…

What if you could converge DR and backup in one resilient IT platform? What if you could create an “always on” customer experience with no impact to your production environment? And what if you could realign half of your IT resources focused on legacy backup to more strategic initiatives?

With today’s announcement of version 7.0 of its IT Resilience Platform™, Zerto is fundamentally changing the way organizations protect their business by converging DR and backup.

Zerto revolutionized disaster recovery in 2011 with continuous data replication for VMWare and Microsoft Hyper-V environments. Taking it into the cloud, Zerto added support for Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud and Amazon Web Services. Now, Zerto 7.0 extends its journal-based technology for continuous protection of both short-term and long-term data retention.

One platform makes data available when it’s needed, and where it’s needed

Zerto 7.0 helps companies accelerate data-oriented business with:

  • One solution versus multiple– Reduce IT costs and realign resources by replacing multiple legacy solutions with Zerto’s single IT Resilience Platform.
  • Fast recovery for both short-term and long-term data retention – Achieve recovery point objectives (RPO) of just seconds to maximize data granularity. Zerto’s elastic journal with unified data protection workflows, powered by intelligent index and search, enables quick data recovery, regardless of whether it’s from a few seconds ago or years ago. Long-term retention capabilities automate compliance to data retention requirements.
  • No more backup windows, downtime or data loss– Eliminate periodic “snapshot” backup that puts organizations at risk of downtime with the potential of losing hours of data changes.
  • No more complex, costly legacy tools – Legacy backup uses distributed systems for data transfer, producing a dependency on dedicated hardware, extensive configuration and lots of administrative resources. Zerto replaces expensive legacy backup that provides little value, except when there is a need to recover data from the past and even that is not certain.
  • Consistent application recovery– Recover applications that reside on multiple virtual machines (VMs) to the exact same point in time by grouping VMs into Zerto’s unique Virtual Protection Groups for both short and long-term data retention.

Gone are the days when disaster recovery and backup existed in silos

Zerto IT Resilience Platform converges DR and backup because they are simply better together in helping organizations navigate evolving digital roadmaps to grow and scale. Visit the web site to learn more about Zerto 7.0.


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