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Here’s Your Sneak Peek: What’s New in Zerto 8.0

Expanding disaster recovery and data protection across on-premises and cloud environments

We live in a digital age where 24/7 availability is no longer a ‘nice to have’ but is now a core need. Your IT organization is now required to deliver always-on availability across different regions, workloads, and applications within your organization.

More than ever, IT resilience is core to business service levels. And that standard for IT Resilience should span across your virtual and cloud workloads. Zerto gives businesses the ability to accelerate digital transformation and innovation by adapting to change while protecting your business and customers from disruptions. Zerto 8.0 facilitates and extends that ability.

Here’s a sneak peek into how Zerto 8.0 will continue to expand disaster recovery and data protection across on-premises and cloud environments. The first critical expansion is in the public cloud space: Google Cloud. Zerto has integrated with Microsoft Azure and AWS for years, and now we’re taking a crucial step forward towards bringing the IT Resilience PlatformTM to Google Cloud.

VMware on Google Cloud

Later this summer, Google will generally announce its VMware-as-a-service solution with Zerto as its key IT resilience partner. You’ll be able to protect and migrate your native VMware workloads to your dedicated VMware environment in Google Cloud using the same policies and configurations that you utilize for your current infrastructure, just in the cloud. Stay tuned for Google’s public announcement.

You’ll also see deeper integration with Microsoft Azure and AWS focused on giving organizations the automation and orchestration they need to operate at enterprise scale.

Integration with VMware: Storage Flexibility

With Zerto 8.0, we’ve continued to drive our partnership with VMware and unlock a software-defined storage capability for our users: VMware vSphere Virtual Volumes (vVols). You can now utilize vVols as an eligible datastore, for both recovery and protection, and gain the Storage-Based Policy Management (SPBM) and cost savings of vVols.

Platform Innovation

Our platform is at the core of our special sauce and Zerto 8.0 adds critical capabilities for data protection, such as bringing application consistency across both short-term and long-term workloads. Zerto 8.0 includes many innovative features with a new recovery interface and more.

Advanced Analytics

Zerto Analytics brings new capabilities and insights year-round. With Zerto 8.0, we’ll bring you a full understanding of your long-term protected workloads and unified alerting for all workloads regardless of where they are.

We’d love to tell you everything about Zerto 8.0, but after all this is a sneak peek. Join us for our live launch webinar on March 24th to see everything we have in store for you with Zerto 8.0.

See you there!

Andy Fernandez
Senior Manager, Product Marketing

Andy Fernandez was the Sr. Manager of Product Marketing at Zerto with years of experience in the backup, disaster recovery, and cloud space. With a focus on product marketing, messaging, technical evangelism, and product launches. After spending time in the start-up space and working in the enterprise, he ultimately strives to translate technical innovation to business value.