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Don’t Backup – Just Rewind and Resume

It’s time to start imagining a world without data loss or downtime. Continuous Journal-based recovery gives you DVR-like abilities to rewind back and resume from any point in time to protect against logical & hardware failures, human mistakes, and natural disasters. And with continuous replication, recovery is hyper-granular and allows you to resume from just seconds ago—unlike backups or snapshots that could be 4 or more hours (even 24 hours!) out of date.

Zerto pioneered journal-based recovery, and our always-on replication uses block-level changes in protected VMs to enable recovery in increments of seconds, not hours or days. The best part: we do this all without agents, scheduling, or snapshots—freeing up your time and ensuring production environments aren’t impacted.

All this is possible because of the Zerto Journal that’s at the core of our award-winning IT Resilience Platform. The Journal acts as a transaction log for all changes to a VM, no matter how tiny, and it tracks these changes across all VMs that comprise a single application or application stack to enable application-consistent recovery. Changed data blocks are compressed to maintain storage efficiency, with options for configuring separate storage and individually definable SLAs on a per-application or per-VM basis.

As a result, the Journal enables applications, VMs, folders, and files to be recovered from any point in time, just seconds before an incident, regardless of whether that incident is a malware infection, accidental deletion, or file corruption. The bottom line: you don’t have to waste time manually restoring from backups, and your end users don’t have to settle for outdated copies of their files.

3 Journal-based Success Stories:

1. Database Corruption 

Jungle Jim’s, a large supermarket based in Ohio, experienced a database corruption and needed to restore to the pre-corruption state. They were able to restore the database with only a few minutes of data loss. Without Zerto, they would have pulled a copy from their increasingly outdated backup snapshots and lost over an hour of data that would need to be re-created manually.

2. File Deletion 

Cianbro, one of the United States’ largest construction companies, needed to recover a file for the administrative assistant to a company VP. She’d spent hours creating an important document for the VP, but then inadvertently deleted the file. Without Zerto, delivery of this file would have been severely delayed as this file wouldn’t have been recoverable with their normal backup process.

3. Unwanted Changes 

Muskegon Central Dispatch out of Michigan used JFLR to rollback changes someone accidentally made to their SQL database. According to their head of IT, “We traditionally would have gone to Veeam for this, but Zerto is much faster.”

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