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Curious About Azure VMware Solutions (AVS)? Zerto Offers Full Support

Today at VMworld 2019 Microsoft announced that Azure VMware Solutions would be adding a total of eight regions across the U.S., Western Europe and Asia Pacific by end of year. Zerto is proud to add the Azure VMware Solution (AVS) by CloudSimple as a supported platform for disaster recovery, replication, and workload mobility. Zerto customers can fail over between AVS, Azure, VMware, Hyper-V or AWS-based platforms with just three clicks. There has never been a more straightforward way for VMware administrators to take advantage of Microsoft Azure public cloud and hybrid cloud. AVS by CloudSimple is VMware vSphere running on physical hardware managed by Microsoft Azure. Zerto delivers multi-directional disaster recovery and migration of all VMware environments to AVS and Azure native.

Azure VMware Solution behaves in a nearly identical way to on-premise VMware environment, making it very easy for VMware administrators to utilize Azure as part of their IT strategy.  Zerto installs in minutes and easily integrates with any Azure account.

“Azure VMware Solution by CloudSimple brings the familiarity and simplicity of VMware into the Azure public cloud. Every customer and IT pro using VMware will be productive with minimal or no Azure competency,” said Peter Kerr, VP of global alliances at Zerto. “With Zerto, VMware customers gain immediate access to simple point and click disaster recovery and migrations between AVS, Azure native and on-premises VMware private clouds.  Zerto, one of Microsoft’s top ISVs and an award-winning industry leader in VMware-based disaster recovery and cloud migration, now delivers native support for Azure VMware Solution.”

The efficiency and scalability of Azure are ideal for disaster recovery and datacenter migrations. While many workloads are quickly adopted to Azure native, some workloads and VMs are better served with native VMware support.

Information about using Zerto with AVS is available at the Zerto booth at VMworld, #435. Read more about Azure and VMware solutions.