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Customer Comparison: Zerto’s Virtual Replication & VMware SRM

November 3, 2017

Great and extremely detailed product comparison on Zerto and SRM by existing Zerto customer, Gene Torres. Gene takes you through everything you need to know about these 2 products in his search for the right BCDR platform that meets his requirements and fits his use cases. Going from implementation to protection, discussing the following topics (and more):

  • Architecture – includes detailed diagrams!
  • Feature comparison – Get a side by side comparison to understand what SRM and Zerto can both do well from an actual Zerto customer – At the same time, you’ll get to see why Zerto was the clear solution for DaVita.
  • Implementation time and complexity – See what Gene has to say about how fast & easy Zerto is to implement
  • Protection & Recovery workflow – Again, he includes the diagrams clearly showing the workflows
  • Monitoring and Reporting – Just how much time is Gene saving with Zerto? There’s only one way to find out…

He does not forget about our feature-rich API and mentions our great documentation and examples around that topic (all available on MyZerto!)

Take your time and take notes while reading one of the most extensive comparisons we have ever seen. You can find the full article right here.