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Why Out of the Box SaaS Protection Isn’t Enough

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Yes, Your SaaS Data Needs Backup 

Just because your softwareasaservice lives in the cloud doesn’t mean your data is backed up. But Zerto Backup for SaaS, powered by KeepIt, can change that. 

SaaS solutions are terrific. They’re scalable, affordable, fast, and when something goes wrong with the software, the vendor fixes it and gets it back online. But a lot of users don’t know that when (not if) something goes wrong with their datathey are responsible, not the SaaS vendor.  

Fortunately, Zerto has you covered. We’ve launched Zerto Backup for SaaS powered by KeepIt to provide integrated, seamless backup and recovery for some of the most popular SaaS solutions, including Microsoft 365, Salesforce, Google Workspace, and Microsoft Dynamics. 

When you know your responsibilities, you can respond to them but with SaaS, it’s not always clear. 

IT professionals have to stay ahead of trouble. But it’s hard to avoid trouble if you don’t know it’s your job to prepare for it. SaaS solutions use a shared responsibility model. It looks like this: 

  • SaaS provider’s responsibilityApplication, operating system, virtualization, hardware, and network; they solve problems with hardware failure, software failure, natural disasters, power outages, and physical intrusion. 
  • Your datayour responsibilityUsers, data, and administration; you solve problems with human errors, programmatic errors, malicious insiders, external hackers, and viruses or malware. 

When you consider that human error alone accounts for 73 percent of data loss (according to Aberdeen), you realize that you have a big responsibility on your hands, and you need a solution. 

Zerto is an expert in SaaS backup. 

To make sure that Zerto’s new backup solution for SaaS was as good as our other solutions, we partnered with KeepIt, a leader in backup for SaaS. Zerto Backup for SaaS is a new backup and recovery offering for managing and protecting SaaS cloud data that allows you to recover business-critical data in seconds with Zerto’s new fully automated backup and recovery solution for Microsoft 365, Salesforce, Google Workspace, Microsoft Dynamics, and more.  

This solution makes it easy for you: 

  • Simple, easy, and hasslefreeAn easy three-step setup gets you up and running in minutes, with licensing priced per SaaS user. 
  • Unlimited storage and unlimited retentionYou see no extra costs as your data grows. 
  • Don’t pay for departed usersYou get no extra costs for retaining data as long as you need, even for retired or deleted users. 
  • No CAPEXThis hosted service means no extra hardware, software, maintenance, administration, cooling, etc. 
  • SecurityWe provide encryption in transit and at rest as well as two loadbalanced and replicated data centers per region. 

At Zerto we recognize that backup solutions shouldn’t cause extra headaches. We’ve engineered Zerto Backup for SaaS to provide granular, easily recoverable data backup for SaaS solutions in the most user-friendly format possible. 

Get extra security with independent backup. 

In addition to the value of having your SaaS data backed up and accessible, you get the benefit that an independent backup solution like Zerto Backup for SaaS gives you greater control and ownership of your data. When you’re dealing with sensitive customer information or private corporate information, it’s valuable to have access and control over where and how that information is stored.  

SaaS data protection is available in one easy package. 

Your SaaS needs backup, just like every other part of your software infrastructure. With Zerto Backup for SaaS, you get a seamless, affordable, scalable option that provides security without making your job harder in the process. 

Learn more about Zerto Backup for SaaS. We also welcome the opportunity to show you what Zerto can do for you: get in touch to learn more or request a demo.