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iVision Bringing Backup and Recovery into Single Focus with Zerto 7

The highly anticipated launch of Zerto 7 is on the horizon and we’re excited to share the experience of some of our customers in the early adopter program. Throughout this blog series, we’ll share what is energizing our customers about Zerto 7, what they want to get out of the experience and their perspective on what this release will mean to their business.

This edition features iVision, a technology integration and management firm and one of our MSP partners. iVision does backup and recovery as a managed service as well consulting around these topics. The company came to Zeto because it was clear that it could benefit from a partner that can manage DR and backup in multi-tenant environments.

The partnership resulted in Zerto becoming approximately 98% of the iVision disaster recovery offering because, as a single tool, it can manage anything from laptops, servers and applications up to AS400s. Zerto delivered substantial flexibility for its variety of clients.

iVision, now more than ever, is experiencing great demand from customers for combined DR and backup. It’s one of the fastest growing areas of the business as clients look for ways to move away from maintaining two datacenters. But increasingly, the demand comes from clients that have as much concern for the security threat of ransomware and corruption of data as they have for disaster recovery. Threats and breaches occur every day and iVision clients know it’s imperative to have a strategy to ensure recovery from any threat.

In the past, when our customers needed to recover files and emails there could be a time gap that made the process less than optimal. The storage replication and CDP backups that Zerto offered closed that gap and greatly increased adoption rates once it was all combined.

“Because we have clients adopting both DR and backup, I’m excited about what Zerto 7 is going to bring in regard to backup capabilities,” said Shane Sheppard, director of managed services, iVision. “Today we not only replicate our customer’s virtual machines using Zerto, but also push their backup data to our cloud, so it takes two separate processes to manage these offerings. With Zerto 7, we will have the ability to replicate once and manage the DR and backup as one. This offers tremendous potential to provide our clients with a single platform for their virtualized environment.  Additionally, this will help drive down costs and improve efficiencies.”

The consolidation of backup and recovery also opens an opportunity for iVision to work with clients that have only adopted either backup or DR. Offering one tool for both creates an opportunity for iVision to go to those customers and offer consolidation that among other benefits, provides a cost savings opportunity. Offering consolidation allows for different conversations and opportunities with clients.

iVision is known for being a service provider that can seamlessly manage DR and backup on-premises; and Azure and AWS in the cloud. It has a portfolio that can manage the full lifecycle for clients wherever their data lives.

“Disaster Recovery and backup is challenging.  While software like Zerto assists our clients in getting their business-critical data off site with low recovery point objectives, it is only one piece of the puzzle.  We not only put the tools in place, but we also help our clients establish a focus on enterprise business continuity.  True disaster recovery requires working with all areas of the business, not just IT.  Developing the policy, procedures, and runbooks to support an enterprise business continuity framework and aligning those to business requirements is often the most difficult part.  Fortunately, Zerto has made getting our client data off-site and automating the failover process easy.”