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Backup and Prepare to Step Forward at ZertoCON 2018

Once again, World Backup Day is upon us. This time it’s on March 31st, making those who still aren’t backing up data a fool the next day. Yet, according to the organizers of the event, about 30 percent of us are still taking the risk of running our business and personal lives without a solid backup plan.

For many, World Backup Day probably evokes thoughts of “gold copies” stashed away in a safe place waiting to be retrieved when something goes wrong. Some organizations, mostly small businesses, might still be relying on tapes.

But on the larger enterprise level, backups are still complicated and painful to execute, especially those companies that are undergoing major IT transformations.

The truth is that planned and unplanned disruptions are only on the rise, sometimes because of the adoption and innovation of the latest technology.  The convergence of these factors requires businesses to look outside traditional backup capabilities and develop an IT resilience strategy that’s up to the many challenges of digital transformation.

To deliver an always-on customer experience, especially while undergoing major changes to an infrastructure, businesses need to ensure they have a modern, risk-free platform that utilizes continuous data protection combined with the ability to orchestrate and automate the mobility of applications to the ideal infrastructure.

When these capabilities come together, businesses will have an IT resilience strategy to protect their infrastructure and reputation, and also enable innovation and transformation.

With that in mind, Zerto will be making an exciting announcement at ZertoCON in May that will completely change the way you do backup. Our new technologies will change the backup landscape and will be game-changing for the IT community.

As disaster recovery, backup and hybrid cloud converge, a new approach is needed. Multiple solutions cost money, time and resource.  Zerto will lead the way with its unique continuous data protection (CDP) abilities. At ZertoCON we will unveil a better way; one that is smarter, more cost-effective and SIMPLE.

To give you a hint, CDP, orchestration and automation will be a key theme throughout the show.

The whole market agrees that things are converging. But Zerto is approaching it in a way that focuses on scalability and simplicity to provide long-term peace of mind for enterprise customers as they undergo a digital transformation. We look forward to telling you more in May.

Today is the last day to register at early bird pricing; register for ZertoCON 2018 today to learn more about our game-changing technology that will disrupt  the backup market as we know it and hear from some of the most brilliant minds in the IT Resilience space.