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ZertoCON: Why Customers Return Year After Year

March 19, 2018

On the fence about attending this year’s ZertoCON? We get it – you’re not sure what to expect and why this conference is different from every other event currently vying for your attention. Therefore, we asked for input from someone who is far more qualified to convince you than anyone who works at Zerto. 

In this blog post, Zerto customer Rubyanne O’Bryan from ClearPath Mutual (formerly Kesa) will break down why she’s coming back for her third ZertoCON and why she’s saving a seat at her table especially for you. Want to learn more? Read on…

Q&A with a Zerto Customer:

Q: With so many conference options, why do you choose to attend ZertoCON over others? 

A: Zerto is a product that works and has pulled us through more than one ransomware attack.  Coming to the conference allows networking opportunities with other clients and Zerto employees.  It also allows clients the ability to be in the loop on new functionality coming in Zerto. 


Q: What is the best part of ZertoCON? 

A: Networking and learning opportunities 


Q: Fill in the blanks – “I really wish someone had told me __________ BEFORE I went to my first ZertoCON” 

A: To plan on walking a lot – so many things to see in Boston! 


Q: Tell us about one of your favorite ZertoCON session(s), including anything you remember about the speaker, the content and why you found the session so valuable. 

A: Ransomware sessions. Of course these sessions, at both the first and second conferences, were relevant to me since Zerto helped us restore our data without paying a ransom.  I shared our story at both sessions. 


Q: What advice do you have for someone who’s on the fence about attending ZertoCON this May? 

A: Take advantage of meeting the programmers and technically knowledgeable Zerto employees – they are more than willing to share their understanding of the Zerto program.  The seminars are relevant and informative and if you are up to the challenge you can attend the training / certification sessions. 


Q: What advice do you have for someone who’s gearing up to attend their first ZertoCON ever and trying to figure out how to make the most of the experience? 

A: Come ready to have a good time and see how client focused Zerto is as they work hard to provide a product that delivers disaster recovery and business continuity to businesses. 


Q: What are you MOST looking forward to at this year’s ZertoCON? 

A: Networking –  I enjoy talking with people and sharing experiences. 


Q: Beyond giving away new cars to every attendee and having Tom Brady on hand to sign autographs, how can those planning ZertoCON 2018 make this year’s event the best yet? 

A: Hard question – I have thoroughly enjoyed the conferences and am not sure what would make it better. 


So, what are you waiting for? Register for ZertoCON today or contact us with any questions!