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Zerto Virtual Replication 5.0 – Introducing the Zerto Mobile App!

November 1, 2016

Continuing our blog series looking at the awesomeness that is ZVR 5.0, we’ve got one more great feature to talk to you about today: the Zerto Mobile App!

That’s right boys and girls, Zerto is coming soon to a mobile-app-img1mobile phone near you. Available for both Android and iOS platforms, you’ll be able to download Zerto Mobile from the app store and have the “Power of Z” in your hand.

The first iteration of the app will allow you to remotely monitor, the replication and protection status of all Zerto Virtual Managers (ZVMs), Virtual Protection Groups (VPGs) and any running tasks or alerts across all your sites, from anywhere, at any time.  The days of idly wondering (or worrying) about the status of your replication and protection are gone.

Can you use it with Azure or AWS?  Of course you can!  Can you disable it?  Well, yes, but why deny yourself this extra layer of simplicity and security?  Can you put it on your boss’s phone to stop them from asking you so many questions?  We would highly recommend it…

Thanks to a new call home feature and a secure Zerto cloud service, the app is delivered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).  All the data is sent encrypted over the internet and stored in an encrypted back-end, with access controlled from your MyZerto account to enable the simple and secure management of employees that require use of the app.

mobile-app-img2In the future, this platform will also allow us to give you some more very cool functionality. But I’m under strict orders to keep my lips sealed about that for now, so you’ll just have to wait and see…

I can assure you lovely people though that this is the start of something great, something you’re really going to want to have.

I’ll never forget the look on one gentleman’s face at this year’s VMworld when I explained to him just how nifty the app is already, and then I said:

“…Imagine just how cool it’s going to be when you can be at home on the sofa, the game on TV and a cold beer in one hand while performing a failover on the app with the other!”

His eyes glazed over, a beatific smile came over his face and I lost him for a moment or two after that… I can’t say I blame him though, it does sound rather appealing.

Who’s the red master of disaster

That’s a replication machine to all the best cloud providers?


You’re daaaaaaaaaaaaamn right

(Don’t ask me where that came from… Send all Zerto-related puns on the back of a postcard to keith@zerto.com)