Zerto Data Protection Launch: A New World of Backup is Here  - Zerto

Zerto Data Protection Launch: A New World of Backup is Here 

October 15, 2020
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Continuous Data Protection for All Applications 

When we say all, we mean all. Introducing Zerto Data Protectionthat delivers local continuous backup and long-term data retention to the public cloud – and great news we have priced it for backup. From mission-critical applications to lower tier applications Zerto provides new flexible licensing to ensure you can protect all your applications in a cost-effective way. Keep reading to learn how Zerto Data Protection (ZDP) ensures your business never misses a beat.  

ZDP delivers local continuous backup, and continuous is key. Unlike legacy backup solutions, we don’t use snapshot technology. Using our powerful unique journal-based technology, Zerto gives you thousands of restore points separated by about 5 or 10 seconds. This makes it dramatically different than periodic backups and snapshots that are typically done every 4, 8, or 24 hours or more.  

So, what does this mean 

With ZDP, you can achieve recovery point objectives of just seconds. Another key difference is that the Zerto platform is software only; requiring no specific hardware and can run on whatever production or other storage you may have. Zerto’s components are all virtual, very lightweight, extremely efficient, and scalable.  Most importantly, there is zero production impact with instant restore for all your shortterm recovery needswhether recovering a deleted filecorrupt database or recovering from a ransomware attack.  

To address compliance and regulatory requirements for long-term data retention whether that’s for months or years, data and applications can be archived directly to lower-cost storage like public cloud or an on-premises purpose-built appliance addressing those compliance requirements. 

That’s the essence of our new offering – addressing short and longterm requirements for those application tiers that you have been using older backup solutions to protect 

What comes with Zerto Data Protection 

We just talked about the continuous backup with journal delivering thousands of restore points separated by about 5 or 10 secondsIn addition, instant restore allows you to restore a file back to production with no performance impact on your production environment as it’s using the local journal. Recovery is not just about the data, it’s also about the application and recovering an application as a single entity, so we include fast application recovery with consistent recovery of multi-VM applications ensure applications are restored as one logical entity.  

Short term SLA policy settings can be set – so you can recover from 5 seconds up to 30 days after which you use the long-term storage – and as we know most day to day recovery needs happen within a 2week period – so lots of flexibility here. 

Intelligent index and search to find what you need to restore. 

Looking at your long-term retention needs, you can archive data to a more cost-effective storage like a purpose-built appliance on-premises or backup to public cloud such as Azure or AWS. 

Set longterm policies so that you have daily incremental backup with weekly, monthly or yearly full backups 

Lastly, orchestration and automation with data protection workflows.   

With Zerto Data Protection we are displacing old backup with our proven and leading  continuous data protection, delivering 50% if not more TCO savings over your traditional non-continuous data protection and disaster recovery solutions. We deliver these savings by reducing data loss to seconds and downtime to just minutes and we significantly simplify ongoing management and administration.