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Zerto Announces Public Preview of Zerto 7.5 Support for Azure Managed Disks

September 24, 2019

Today Zerto announced important new features and functionality with the release of the 7.5 major update.  We are very excited to partner with Microsoft Azure Storage team to drive the path of innovation and evolution further forward for a wider variety of uses cases to help customers move to Azure through multi-cloud, disaster recovery and migration solutions.

Microsoft announced the public preview of incremental snapshots of Azure Managed Disks that Zerto 7.5 leverages. These extended platform capabilities are available for Zerto and Microsoft customers to test, initially on Azure West Central US region and followed by additional Azure regions in U.S. and Europe in the coming weeks.  General availability of the new services is expected to be announced later this fall.

New features in Zerto 7.5 enabled with the Azure public preview:

  • Support for Azure Managed Disks: Fail back from Azure Managed Disks to and from the cloud (premium SSD, standard SSD, and standard HDD), with improved SLAs and performance for workloads migrated to Azure or disaster recovery/IT resilience strategy.
  • Further Integration with Azure VM Scale Sets to now support ongoing replication as well as recovery workflows, enabling increased Recovery Time Objective (RTO) performance, recoverability and simpler management for enterprise workloads at scale.
  • Workload mobility and testing for Azure across Azure regions.
  • Support for Azure Active Directory Managed Service Identity (MSI): Zerto and Microsoft Azure users can now authenticate to Azure services and keep their credentials secure via the Microsoft Managed Service Identity (MSI).

In order to learn more or access the public preview of the new Azure Managed Disks Incremental Snapshot features, refer to Microsoft’s blog

Stay tuned for more updates on the new Azure Managed Disks features with Zerto 7.5!