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More Than a Pretty Trophy: Winning Zerto Cloud SP Partner of the Year, 2016

July 14, 2016

A Guest Post By Lilac Schoenbeck, VP of Marketing at iLand  

Admittedly, the title on the sash is long. Zerto Cloud Service Provider Partner of the Year, 2016. iland was honored to be recognized Zerto at this year’s inaugural ZertoCon conference this year in Boston.

Obviously, any weighty bit of colorful lucite is welcomed in this world of corporate partnership. But this meant more to us than a fun new logo for our web site. Why?

It speaks to the strength of our partnership. Years of deep technical discussions, beta cycles and integrations means the iland DRaaS solution and the Zerto  DR software are more than just occasional acquaintances – we’re very good friends.

It speaks to our customers’ joy. Every day, customers who experience the speed of a failover and the near-zero data loss are blown away. It’s like the best magic trick in cloud today.

It speaks to our marketing collaboration. As the head of marketing for iland, I am overjoyed that our messages dovetail so seamlessly with those of Zerto, that our teams tell a consistent story, and that we’re able to jointly talk to customers with harmonizing voices.

It speaks to the outside recognition of the joint solution.  Recently, iland fared very well in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Disaster Recovery as a Service, largely on the back of our joint solution with Zerto.

It speaks to our promising future. While we’ve been partners for years, we’ve both grown and evolved. Zerto started ZertoCon and iland evolved its DRaaS offering, integrating management into the console. Both of us continue to enhance the joint offering – and even more exciting things are coming in our future – not just for us, but for our customers.

So, it is with pride that we’ll wear the sash and paper the award logo on our web site. Not just because winning is fun – but because it serves as a shorthand for all we’ve achieved together. And motivation to continue our path forward to save companies from disaster, save IT leaders from worry, and save money for all concerned.

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