Unlock Continuous Cloud Protection: ZertoCON 2021 - Zerto

Unlock Continuous Cloud Protection: ZertoCON 2021

April 6, 2021
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Hear exciting new announcements to the Zerto Platform, learn what makes Zerto tick, and get pro tips on making your day-to-day easier when it comes to protecting, moving and recovering your data and applications.

Join us at ZertoCON on April 20, 2021, to learn valuable, actionable knowledge you need to continuously protect your data with new capabilities for SaaS, containers, and cloud-based protection. For the second year in a row, ZertoCON is completely free and entirely virtual—accessible by anyone, anywhere.

Move to the Cloud with Confidence

Your data changes by the second. Leveraging cloud for scale, efficiency and cost savings is smart. In parallel to the move to cloud, protecting your data and applications in the cloud becomes imperative because losing any of it to a cyberattack or outage is expensive, time consuming, and a waste of vital resources. And with the frequency and severity of cyberattacks on the rise, continuous data protection is more important than ever before. At ZertoCON 2021, you’ll learn the full capabilities of the Zerto platform and how you can leverage continuous data protection for disaster recovery, backup, or migrations to easily accelerate your cloud journey, while protecting your organization from costly downtime and data loss.

Over 9,500 global organizations across all industries trust Zerto with their most critical data and have confidence they can recover anything in minutes. At ZertoCON, you’ll see real-life success stories of organizations who are using Zerto to streamline backup and disaster recovery, reduce downtime and avoid data loss. You’ll also learn why they replaced legacy disaster recovery and backup solutions, how they did it, and how they plan to use Zerto in the future. You’ll see how Zerto’s continuous data protection stacks up against traditional periodic “snapshot” backup tools.

And we know that every company’s cloud journey is unique, whether it’s utilizing a private, hybrid, public, or cloud-native deployment. You’ll learn more about cloud/multi-cloud environments and get an insider’s view of what a cloud-only environment looks like.

We’ve Got News

Zerto never stops innovating our continuous data protection that works for all workloads. Join us at ZertoCON to learn some of the exciting new ways we keep raising the bar on continuous data protection, including:

  • Zerto for Kubernetes
  • AWS Cloud Native Disaster Recovery
  • Zerto Backup for SaaS
  • New platform updates in the Zerto 9.0 release

You’ll also hear from analyst and strategic alliance partners points of view on where the data protection market is heading and how they can help you bolster your data protection strategy.

Here’s a Sneak Peek

Zerto customers, partners, and prospects come from a huge array of industries and have many roles in their organizations—so we’ve packed this single-day ZertoCON event full of content that’s valuable for every participant.

  • Here are just a few topics to look forward to:
  • Insight Global Achieves Transformative Traction with Zerto and Microsoft Azure
  • Protection as Code: Introducing Zerto for Kubernetes
  • Everything You Need to Know About Zerto 9.0
  • Competitive Showdown: Zerto vs. Traditional Backup
  • Achieving Continuous Availability with IBM Cloud and Zerto
  • Protection at Hyperscale with Zerto and Google Cloud VMware Engine
  • Zerto and Amazon Web Services (AWS) Simplify Disaster Recovery and Data Protection

Don’t Miss a Minute

Join us for exciting announcements at ZertoCON 2021 and see how we can help you to simplify management and protection of your cloud workloads, all while minimizing threats from ransomware attacks and other disruptions that could impact your data and cause downtime.

It’s time to radically improve the way you protect your data. With ZertoCON 2021’s virtual format, you won’t have to miss a minute of valuable information. Be sure to register today and secure your spot. We can’t wait to see you online on April 20!