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Success: Impossible Without Support

December 17, 2020

Zerto Technical Support and Customer Success Live Together

Spend a day inside a Zerto office, and I guarantee you will hear the phrase “Customer First.” It is one of our company’s core values—and the most vital one. It is what we live by and why we come to work every day.

Technical Support Matters

While we make “Customer First” resonate throughout the customer journey, we pay special attention to it within Technical Support. In fact, our 4.8 customer satisfaction rating speaks to how well we support our customers. But don’t just take it from me: One customer mentioned in a review on IT Central Station that “Support is VERY important, and Zerto knocks it out of the park!” –  Zerto customer, Financial Services (read full review).

With a dedicated staff of Technical Support Engineers to cover our customers’ IT Resilience needs 24/7/365, we can confidently assure customers that we’ll be there to provide timely resolution to any issues they experience.

Customer Success: The End-All, Be-All

Zerto Technical Support plays a key role in ensuring customers realize value in our product by making it work properly. In our aim to put “Customer First,” Zerto uses this formula:

Customer Experience + Customer Outcomes = Customer Success

And Zerto consistently delivers both. As a Senior Infrastructure Engineer explained on Gartner Peer Insights, Their staff is super talented, and most issues are solved first call.” – Zerto Customer, Sr. Infrastructure Engineer, Service Industry (read full review).

Providing an outstanding support experience allows our customers to realize that we have their backs, even when the unexpected occurs. Zerto Technical Support Engineers strive to make each experience a positive one. This is no easy task, because tensions often run high when a customer’s lifeblood—data—is at risk. Not only is fixing the problem important to providing a positive customer experience, but doing so while being empathetic to the customer’s situation is what establishes trust.

Customers buy Zerto for several use cases: disaster recovery and business continuity, workload migrations, operational recovery, long-term retention, and more. Our customers cannot be successful in achieving their unique, desired outcomes if our product is simply not doing what it needs to. While Zerto Technical Support can fix an issue that is preventing a customer from realizing value, it is up to Zerto’s Customer Success organization to lead customers in realizing the value of the product.

Customer Experience and Business Outcomes Yield Success

Technical Support’s role of ensuring our customers’ product functions correctly plays a fundamental role. Without Support, a customer may never see the value of all that Zerto has to offer, and without the Customer Experience team to nurture the relationship and champion the needs of the customer, our customers would never be successful with the Zerto solution.

Zerto is committed to supporting our customers through all phases of their data protection journey to enable their success. Tour the Zerto platform to see how Zerto can give your organization the excellent experience and outcomes you need to be successful in your backup and disaster recovery.


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