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Say Goodbye to Periodic Backups at VMworld 2018

August 23, 2018

Long summer days can sometimes leave you feeling a bit stuck in a rut. In two blinks of an eye VMworld (and end of summer) will be here and we have been changing things up a lot at Zerto!  I am excited to announce that we will be showing a sneak peek of Zerto 7 this year at VMworld – which will forever change the way you do backup — or at least how you think of traditional backup.

Every year I say this is going to be the biggest and the best VMworld and every year – with the help of all our amazing customers and partners – it is! Here is your cheat sheet to all the amazing things that will be VMworld 2018!

The 7 Ways to Win Big with Zerto 7 We are feeling pretty lucky lately and 7 seems to be our number (had some minor success with recent lottery tickets – looking to take it BIG in Vegas next week)! I am not much of a gambler myself, but we are upgrading our RedWed program to include not just 3 ways to win but 7!! We are also upgrading your potential winnings with 7 different prizes all valued at $700 or more (including a trip, a tricked-out gaming system, outdoor entertainment system, and more)! Come by Zerto booth 1148 to spin our slot machine and enter to win some amazing prizes!

The T-shirts – Let’s face it, if Zerto ever wanted to do a side gig we could totally make it big in the tshirt world! We LOVE that you LOVE our shirts! So don’t forget to come by and grab one at the booth – we will be debuting TWO new designs as well as our “Join the Resilience” shirts that came out at ZertoCON this year. We know that red is totally your color too so don’t miss out!

The Tech – Come kick the tires on Zerto’s BRAND NEW 6.5 release (not generally available until mid-September) and even preview Zerto 7 (expected to launch in 1H 2019)! We will be showcasing some mockups of the new GUI as well as a re-invented version of doing backups that will literally change the way you manage your data. We are big fans of the K.I.S.S. method and in keeping with that mantra will be showing our IT Resilience platform that converges backup, cloud, and DR into one simple, scalable, save-your-life-and-maybe-all-of-your-hair solution!

The Session – We thought you might want to hear from someone other than us on how we are changing up the way backup is done, so we invited Drew Harris, Sr. Director of IT Operations from Cosmopolitan right down the street to team up with Rob Strechay, Sr. VP Product at Zerto to deliver one mind-bending session on saying goodbye to periodic backups. Check it out Tuesday at 1pm. Session code: HYP371BUS Bonus: you get extra chances to win one of those 7 sexy prizes listed above if you join!

The Party – Get resilient and ready to rock with Zerto, Datrium, Expedient, and Pearl Jam cover band Monday at House of Blues at 7pm! It is a must-attend event every year and you will leave with catchy tunes in your head and fun stories to tell the next morning at breakfast! Just don’t forget that what happens at Zerto parties in Vegas stays at Zerto parties in Vegas!

It is going to be a jam-packed week with a lot going on so make sure you come say hi, peek our latest tech, grab a trendy T, and earn some chances to win some swoon-worthy prizes! I am looking forward to reconnecting with my VMworld peeps and extended Zerto fams (as well as any new faces)! Make sure to look out for our triple 7s all over the show floor (and on social @Zerto) and visit booth 1148 to learn more about Zerto 7: 7 seconds to 7 years!

See you soon!

– CSP (a.k.a. Mother of Dragons….or Events….or something like that :-))