A Salute to the #Journey2Cloud Twitter Trolls - Zerto

A Salute to the #Journey2Cloud Twitter Trolls

September 1, 2017

A funny thing happened during the Zerto Journey to the Cloud party. A really funny thing.

Before we get to that part of the story, I think this tweet from @RandyDaming sums up the party:

Did that guy look and sound like Steve Perry or what?

Yes, we did our part by having a cool party at the House of Blues with two great bands. However, this blog is not about us; it is about you.

I am a fan of a good twitter trolling and we had a grade “A” perfectly executed twitter troll happen during the Zerto party. It quickly took a life of its own. At one point, the #journey2cloud hashtag was trending on twitter. Here is a picture of one of the twitter feed monitors we had running.

There were twitter questions during the trolling if Zerto was watching the tweets. The answer is yes, we were watching the tweets and laughing at them the whole time.  Well done Trolls!