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Protecting VMware Solutions in the IBM Cloud: Adding Zerto Red to IBM Bluemix

December 15, 2016
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When IBM and VMware announced their partnership to offer the VMware Cloud Foundation on IBM Cloud (formally known as SoftLayer), adding Zerto’s Virtual Replication (ZVR) was a logical next step. Now that the dust has settled, this partnership is called IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions and Zerto in IBM Bluemix.

IBM Cloud and VMware are building a world-class, on-demand, scalable-to-whatever-you-need cloud datacenter. So it just makes sense that they’ll need the world-class, on-demand data protection and mobility of Zerto. Now, you can spin up a new datacenter, complete with disaster recovery capability in a few clicks.

You will have full access to the native VMware stack and Zerto management to manage and protect the resources and DR operations. You will be able to work with the VMs just as you would with VMs in your own datacenter with predictable, usage-based pricing.

The VMware Solutions on the IBM Cloud is an automated deployment of a 4-node software-defined datacenter deployment on the IBM Cloud. Using a friendly portal management user interface, you can also add disaster recovery (DR) with ZVR. When Zerto DR is selected, a node is created at the recovery site and ZVR is enabled automatically.


This new offering enables IT departments to transform their on-premise server and network infrastructures into dynamic resource pools in the cloud. It can be provisioned on-demand, based on changing business objectives such as development test or cloud bursting. Additionally, it can be used to migrate or DR for the on-premise workloads into IBM Cloud with minutes of RTO (Recovery Time Objectives) and seconds of RPO (Recovery Point Objectives).

Zerto is helping transform the old ways of IT into dynamic options of on-premise, cloud or a hybrid of them all. To learn more about IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions, go to their landing page located here:

Read IBM’s recent blog on being ready for disaster recovery with Zerto: