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It’s Not Too Late to Catch Up with ZertoCON

June 16, 2020

Did you miss ZertoCON 2020? We’ve got your back with this recap.

For the first time, ZertoCON was a virtual event this year. Luckily, this means that all sessions were recorded and are now available on demand, and you can watch from the safety and comfort of your home office.

A Vision for IT Resilience

At ZertoCON 2020, we heard from Zerto leadership about the state of IT resilience and Zerto’s vision to revolutionize the industry, including exciting new platform announcements for next-gen containerized applications. Attendees also gained valuable knowledge from experts about how the Zerto IT Resilience Platform™ helps businesses with disaster recovery, ransomware, cloud mobility, and more.

Here’s a sneak peek at some more of this year’s highlights.

Ditching Backup

Gijsbert Janssen van Doorn, Director of Technical Marketing at Zerto, addressed the main concerns of IT providers in Architect Zerto So That You Never Have to Back Up Again. In this session, he outlines exactly how the Zerto IT Resilience Platform™ meets the needs of modern IT with disaster recovery (DR), operational recovery, and long-term retention across hybrid/multi-cloud environments. Additionally, he explains how a single platform with continuous data protection reduces operational overhead and performs multiple functions, helping today’s IT staff focus on further innovation.

Modernizing Your Backup

Mike Martino, Zerto Systems Engineer, facilitated Modernize Your Backup with Zerto, joined by Rodney Carlson, Systems Administrator at Horizon Bank.

Martino examines the biggest recovery challenges to traditional backup—restoring reliability, cost, backup reliability, and training—and how Zerto’s unique architecture addresses these challenges with continuous data protection, point-in-time recovery, and long-term retention.

In a hands-on demonstration, Rodney Carlson explains how, prior to Zerto, Horizon Bank experienced failed backup jobs and lengthy windows. There were issues around complexity, cost and speed of recovery, raising concerns about risks including data loss and sub-par customer experiences. With a behind-the-scenes look at the bank’s environment, he shows how the Zerto IT Resilience Platform™ resolved Horizon’s business challenges with agnostic hardware flexibility, granularity in recovery, and the ability to conduct non-disruptive DR testing during business hours.

United Airlines: A Case Study

How United Guarantees High Availability of Critical Applications with DR Testing was a use case conversation between Hetal Patel, Systems Engineer at Zerto, and Marian Lakov, Principal Architect at United Airlines. United’s business challenges included concerns like:

  • Technology is critical to everything they do, and uptime is vital to their success
  • Any disruption of technology systems can materially harm the business
  • Poor depictions in the news or consumer complaints on social media affect customer buying decisions
  • An increasingly competitive market dictates business success

Because United’s business is completely IT-dependent, its mission critical functions depend on continuous data protection. Check out the session to see why United chose the Zerto IT Resilience Platform™ and why United’s partnership with Zerto has resulted in significant IT improvements.

Don’t Miss a Minute

IT resilience is more critical than ever, so you don’t want to miss a minute of 2020 ZertoCON Virtual. Click here to see sessions covering a huge range of topics, from industry trends to the importance of complete data protection and IT resilience, Zerto’s platform development roadmap and more.