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Calling All Hackers, ZertoCON 2019 Wants You!

April 17, 2019

You’ve probably heard that ZertoCON 2019 is going to be in Nashville Tennessee, Monday May 20 – Wednesday May 22. If you haven’t already registered you can do that here.

In years past we have always done a session related to APIs/PowerShell and scripting. The chairs are PACKED, to say the least.

This year we’re hoping to try something a little different. Something to give you even more hands on time with our APIs and script development.

So, how could we turn this up to 11?

How about a hackathon!


What is a hackathon?

A hackathon is an event where individuals or teams work on a project within a given time limit. At ZertoCon 2019 we are thinking the Sunday before ZertoCon starts would be a great time for a hackathon. Our initial thought is to start around lunch time, and go until 11pm or midnight.

Why you should come!

It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced coder or a first-time Zerto user; all are welcome to participate! Everyone will learn something at this event.

If there is enough interest from the community, we will make sure that we have deep technical coverage of all of the Zerto APIs and as many Zerto “mentors” on hand as possible to help you with whatever project you are looking to work on.

So don’t be shy! Even if your scripting game is weak, we will help make your idea a reality.

So, for example, if you have had an idea for a script, or an integration that you have been thinking about building… this would be the perfect event to do it at!

What we could build

Things like advanced reporting (combining Zerto data and vCenter or HyperV data), pre/post failover scripting, hacking on zPlanner, hacking/updating Chris Lewis’s Zerto PowerShell Module, or my personal idea…. BUILD A ZERTO NUCLEAR FOOTBALL! are all fair game.

I created a Github repo with some ideas and warm-up activities, you can find it here

Is there a cost?

Heck No! However, you may need to make sure you travel in on Saturday if you are not local to the Nashville area so you can be at the venue by start time.

Where can I sign up!

Sign up here!

Let’s brainstorm and form some teams!

Comments are turned on for this post. I encourage you to post your project ideas, along with a request for any requirements you might need (so that I can make sure you get it… stuff like a Zerto Lab, or an Azure account, or whatever), in the comments section below. Also ask for teammates if you need some, other people might want to participate but don’t have a project to work on.

More info to come!

OK, like I said we are still early in planning, So check back often on this post, I’ll update it with the latest information. Once the hackathon is official I will let everyone know and we can dig deeper into project planning!

Hope to see you at ZertoCon 2019 and the hackathon!

If you have any questions, shoot me an email …


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