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Zerto Protects VMware Cloud Foundation on IBM Cloud (SoftLayer)

August 31, 2016

IBM Cloud, also known as SoftLayer, has taken major steps to bring substantial service offerings to the cloud. By teaming with VMware, IBM is working to streamline datacenter operations by providing a joint software defined data center (SDDC) solution that is easy to acquire, easy to deploy and easy to use.

With Zerto Virtual Replication, IBM adds disaster recovery capabilities that are scalable for any size the customer needs.

The IBM Cloud architecture is a complete management, storage, networking and server stack, ready to use. ZVR for IBM SDDC will consist of Zerto Virtual Replication running on IBM Cloud Direct Linked sites that can be used to recover production workloads in minutes. Customers can choose any of the 28 IBM cloud data centers in 14 countries to be the source and pair it with any other IBM cloud site as the DR site. Now that’s flexibility and power.

ZVR and IBM Cloud


As discussed in our joint announcement with IBM, capability highlights for IBM Cloud with Zerto Virtual Replication include:

  • Built-in BC/DR – Integrated solution stack for BC/DR between cloud sites with an RPO of seconds and RTO of minutes with no snapshots required or in-guest agents needed.
  • Recover from Data Corruption – Improve resilience by overcoming accidental, or intentional corruption such as ransomware attacks.
  • Automated Recovery – Automatically recover to any point in time, and test without impacting production.
  • Non-Disruptive Testing – With no impact to production, customers can test their DR solution at any time, giving end-users confidence their cloud environment will perform as business needs require.
  • Application Consistency – Recover complex applications running across multiple virtual machines and servers to any point in time in minutes with service levels and recovery reporting to respond to audits.
  • Rapid Recovery – Ability to recover to any point in time within seconds of data loss with minimum data loss.
  • Migration Simplified – Fully orchestrated migrations to the cloud in minutes.

By adding Zerto to the SDDC, IBM is making disaster recovery and migrations capability perform natively and integrated in the combined solution.

For more information, go to Zerto’s IBM page : https://www.zerto.com/products/enterprise/complete-disaster-recovery-for-ibm-cloud