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Zerto in Azure Migrate Hub

March 2, 2021
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Zerto offers the simplest, least disruptive method for migrating Virtual Machines to Microsoft Azure.

Moving operation-critical data can be a monumental undertaking—the resources, downtime, and risk of data loss mean significant costs when using inadequate solutions. Additionally, inadequate migration can cause a halt in productivity in business, harming your revenue. Whether you’re moving a single application or an entire datacenter: having the right tools is paramount. Fortunately, Zerto makes even the most complex data migrations simple – with industry-leading RPOs and RTOs, non-disruptive testing features, flexibility, and no risk of data loss.

Migrate with Zerto in minutes

Zerto makes any migration both faster and easier. The migration process is done in a few clicks, with zero risk of data loss, virtually no downtime, and works across any platform or cloud type. So how do we do it?

With Zerto, migrations that used to involve weeks of downtime can now happen in minutes. The entire transfer happens while your enterprise systems are still up and running—meaning no loss of productivity. Plus, with our built-in bandwidth throttle, you can even control the rate at which data is migrated in the background to fit your production needs. Even more, by pre-seeding your new target site, you can accelerate the migration process even further.

Zerto’s Continuous Data Protection (CDP) always keeps your data available within seconds—no snapshots necessary. This means your migrating data is only seconds behind production, so the migration can happen with almost no downtime and no risk of losing transactional data.

With support for any storage platform and many cloud types (including multi-clouds, hybrid clouds, and both public and private clouds), Zerto gives you complete flexibility over how your data is protected, migrated and archived. Interdependent, multi-VM applications are moved with ease and consistency using advanced grouping mechanisms called Virtual Protection Groups (VPGs), all coordinated through our intuitive orchestration software.

Zerto’s non-disruptive data recovery testing lets your business test migrations beforehand, giving you the opportunity to validate success and pinpoint concerns with the new location. Even after the move, you can use our “one-click rollback” feature to restore your data to its original state if unforeseen issues arise.

Key Benefits

Test Before Committing Limit your migration risks with failover testing features that ensure your VMs, applications, and sites are safe in advance of the move. Plus, with one-click rollback, you can relax knowing you can always return to the way things were.

No Lost Data—Period Once your initial data has been synchronized to the target site, Zerto’s continuous data protection (CDP) maintains synchronization between the source and target at all times— bringing the risk of data-loss to zero.

Stay Productive While Migrating With built-in bandwidth throttle, zero downtime, and almost no impact on your production environment, Zerto makes mass data migration a background task—so you can continue with business as usual.  No night-time snapshots or network choking data-block moves.

True Multi-Cloud Freedom Zerto has the flexibility to enable hybrid or multi-cloud strategies across any number of platforms—migrating in and out of public clouds, performing conversions during replication, and replicating in opposite directions can all be done with ease.

Learn more about Zerto and Azure

If you need to perform a migration to Microsoft Azure quickly with the least disruption, Zerto is your ideal solution. Zerto is now integrated into the Azure Migrate Hub for a seamless migration from any data center or cloud platform.  Zerto allows you to quickly and easily migrate workloads to Azure with virtually no downtime and zero risk of data loss. Little downtime during migrations allows your business to carry on without disruption, so your customers have a consistent experience.

To learn more about Zerto and Azure, please join sessions at Microsoft Ignite to learn more about how utilize Zerto in Azure Migrate Hub.

Session showing 1: March 2, 5:00 PM – 5:30 PM PT

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