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Zerto 7.0: Scaling in the Public Cloud Hyperscalers

April 25, 2019

Thomas Edison, inventor of the electric lightbulb, once said “there’s a way to do it better – find it”. This is something of a mantra for Zerto right now. As a proven leader in cloud mobility and protection, it’s that strive for continued innovation that sets true leaders apart.

With this in mind, one of the challenges for all vendors in the IT resilience space, particularly within cloud, is scale. Specifically, how to scale any replication or protection infrastructure in a way that is resource efficient and therefore cost viable. Taking the approach of throwing compute at this challenge does not deliver on market requirements, primarily due to the heavy cost associated with it. It is therefore simply not a viable solution.

Taking an alternative approach to this predicament, Zerto integrates natively within the platform itself, delivering the most scalable and cost-effective solution that can be delivered with minimal overhead and maximum performance.

Zerto 7.0, builds on this approach through the integration with Azure Scale-Sets. Utilizing Azure Scale-Sets, exactly as the name entails, allows Zerto to scale out recovery infrastructure with worker nodes, as required, to ensure optimal usage of subscription limitations and ultimately deliver the very best recovery times available.

With the nature of any scale out functionality however, there is always a requirement to make sure the worker nodes are managed appropriately to ensure maximum efficiency. To meet this requirement, Zerto 7.0 implements additional integration into Azure Queues, another platform native capability, which allows the creation of a message queue. From this queue, each worker node can identify the tasks it is required for in order. Once a recovery is completed, the recovery infrastructure in the Azure Scale-Set is scaled back down, ensuring you are utilizing the cloud in the manner it was designed, only when required.

The outcome? A significant reduction in the cost footprint for any protection or mobility requirements, it balances the benefits sought from cloud adoption strategies while mitigating constrained IT budgets. When this is paired with the fact that actual recovery times are now 300% faster, this is a significant win for organizations who wish to move or recover to the cloud. By ensuring minimal impact to end users and customers, it enables you to provide the always on experience that is expected in today’s market.

In addition to this enhancement in Azure, Zerto 7.0 also brings a security enhancement to AWS where Zerto now defaults to have encryption turned on for all Amazon EBS volumes created on recovery.

Zerto 7.0 is available for download now via MyZerto for existing customers. If you’re not yet a customer, but would like to experience this for yourself, register for a free trial to see first-hand how intuitive and easy it is to deploy Zerto 7.0.

Remember, if you’re not moving forward, you’re moving backwards.