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Updates and Upgrades – What Can Zerto Do For You?

April 4, 2017

Server upgrades and updates. I’m sure you know the history by now of how Zerto came to be. It starts off on our company “About” page stating how Zerto provides enterprise-class disaster recovery. Well, the beautiful thing about creating a hypervisor-based solution that not only continuously replicates virtual machine blocks to another site, but also orchestrates and automates the recovery process is that this same solution can be used for so many other use cases. An extra bonus…..what you see is what you get. You won’t have to buy some other product offering in order to try a different use case. Once you own it, the more you take advantage of, the greater your CapEx and OpEx savings!

Now it’s time to dig into the first use case Zerto customers love using Zerto for — Updates and Upgrades.

How many times have you tried to test new patches, updates, or upgrades to your server operating systems or applications? Usually you try to run through the updates on at least one machine that has a similar operating system level, but the machine is not quite on par with the specs, or anything else, of the production server. Operating System patch levels are different, application versions are different or non-existent, and how would you ever know how the server or application is being used in order to perform a proper and thorough quality assessment of the server after the update is complete?

Well, with Zerto running in your environment, you have the option to test any updates or upgrades any time — any day, and any time of day — on servers that are identical replicas of the production servers! This means there is no more guess work if your testing is “close enough,” or your real tests on production servers is going to cause greatly extended maintenance windows, or worse, fear for rollback, repairing, and rescheduling.

Add in ZVR 5.0’s new One-to-Many feature and you can replicate virtual machines locally as well as to multiple disaster recovery sites! This means you can test locally knowing your VMs won’t need any environmental changes, and won’t have any impact on your DR testing or run extra workloads at another remote site.

This is a solution that solves issues across the board well beyond your amazing replication solution and built-in recovery automation. Save yourself time, energy, and frustration while using an easy interface you are already familiar with. Allow application groups access to perform failover tests or validate servers and applications well ahead of your actual production upgrades and updates. Download a trial today and be up and running in less than an hour! Stay tuned for more to come…..


About the Author

Harry is a Technology Evangelist at Zerto focusing on driving adoption of Zerto’s enterprise class scalability and agility to organizations of all sizes and sectors, and even across clouds, hypervisors, and platforms. Prior to Zerto, Harry spent more than 8 years at VMware with 5 years in Professional Services as a Senior Consultant architecting and implementing private clouds and major datacenter migrations, and another 3 years in VMware’s Technical Marketing focused on product integration and scalability. @HarrySiii