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Gain IT Resilience with Zerto and IBM Cloud

March 6, 2018

In the ever-demanding world of 24/7/365, no business can afford any downtime expected or unexpected. Business resiliency is no longer just a nice to have but a requirement for doing business in the 21st century. With Zerto and IBM Cloud, your business can remain always available no matter what happens.

IBM Cloud gives you the ability to grow and run on demand. Need more compute or storage? Just purchase what you need and instantly you have it. But how secure is your data? Are you protected from a threat in the cloud?
Do your backups protect your data in the cloud? Yes and no. Your backups may protect your data but what about your ability to recover quickly and have your data and business online again? Have you tested your disaster recovery plan? How long did it take to get an email server back online and productive again?

As you see disaster recovery and business continuity and resiliency are two different things. Just because the data is backed up doesn’t mean you’ll have the server and data recovered too.

That’s where Zerto and IBM Cloud can provide the IT resilience that every business needs. Not only is your data protected but your business is protected as well. Zerto provides you the ability to protect your environment in multiple clouds at the same time. With IBM Cloud, Zerto can replicate your environment within multiple regions giving you both flexibility and multiple layers of protection minimizing risk.

With Zerto’s simple non-disruptive installation, you can be up and replicating into IBM Cloud in minutes. And simple point in time journal restores provide many more restore points than traditional backup.

Think you’re prepared for disasters like cyber-attacks, human error, or a hurricane? No matter how prepared, there’s always a gap you didn’t expect. Since Zerto gives you simple point and click disaster recovery testing, making sure you’re prepared for anything just got a lot easier.
IBM Cloud provides the ease of use and flexibility of VMware in the cloud allowing you to remain the owner of your data and applications and the regions where your data resides.

Why not gain IT Resilience with Zerto and IBM Cloud? Schedule a demo today and read more here on the IBM Cloud blog.