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Are You Ready to Solve for Multi-Cloud?

January 24, 2018
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The Challenges of Multi-Cloud

Cloud is not new anymore and it’s being used more and more by organizations across the globe. But as cloud usage is maturing the way it is being adopted changes. The new option…. Multi-Cloud! Multi-Cloud describes an environment that relies on multiple clouds – such as Azure, IBM Cloud or AWS with the ability to move to, from and between clouds. Adopting a Multi-Cloud strategy comes with challenges, let’s discuss two of those in more detail.


The big question is; How do I get from “here”.. to “there”. Whether you are moving all of your workloads to the cloud or only a subset of applications, the data will need to be moved from A to B. Besides moving the data you would also like the transition to go as smooth as possible and avoid disruption to customers with minimum downtime. Testing the migration becomes critical to avoid any surprises during the final move and of course you do not want to disrupt the production workloads during these tests. Even when all your data and applications are moved to the cloud offering of your choice, business or technical requirements can change forcing you to migrate from one cloud to the other. How can you provide this kind of cloud agility?


You have solved the challenge of moving your applications and have moved your workloads to Azure! Congratulations, a job well done. So you want to make sure that your applications are available 24/7. Customer expectations are high and they expect no downtime. Do you really want to rely on a single cloud provider? Even though SLA’s are great we all know (and have seen) that unforeseen things can happen. We need to make sure you can keep your application up and running even when an Azure region has availability issues and compliance might even force you to use a different clouds to ensure continuity of the services delivered to your customers. How can you guarantee availability across multiple clouds?

I know we promised to discuss only 2 challenges but another one goes hand in hand with the ones we just discussed; Visibility. We need to be able to keep an eye on the availability across the multiple clouds we use and we need data about the resource consumption of our applications to be able to make the right decision on what cloud suits your needs (and budget!).

How can you get visibility like this across the different platforms you use? As you can see we still have some open questions while discussing these Multi-Cloud adoption challenges. Want to know what Zerto is bringing you to get you ready to solve Multi-Cloud? Join our next webinar introducing Zerto Virtual Replication 6.0 on Tuesday, February 6th and learn more.