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The State of IT Resilience: Without IT Resilience, Digital Transformation (and Competitors) Will Pass You By

August 27, 2018

Digital transformation is happening.

It is changing how people interact with all aspects of business and technology and changing how businesses operate and deliver value to their customers.  This makes the ability for an organization to swiftly adapt to technology/operational disruptions, while also accelerating business operations and safeguarding people, assets and overall brand equity critical for any successful organization, regardless of size or industry.  At the same time, protecting and managing data can support the organization’s digital transformation initiatives and even ensure its success.  However, embracing digital transformation is near impossible without IT resilience or a technology infrastructure that protects the business from disruptions 24/7.

A revolutionary new study from Zerto and IDC, an industry-leading research analyst firm, about the state of IT resilience, finds that more than 90% of organizations are falling short of what is advised for IT resilience – which means that they are also setting up their digital transformation imperatives and their businesses to fail.  Without a solid IT resilience foundation, businesses are at risk of disruption and data loss, potentially jeopardizing customer loyalty, company valuation, reputation, and employee morale.

The scary thing is that few organizations are fully prepared for a significant IT outage – whether related to natural disaster, ransomware, modernization or cloud migration – and according to IDC, 50% of organizations could not survive such an event.  IT resilience needs to be a key strategic priority for any forward-thinking organization and data protection needs to be top of mind for organizations in this resilience effort – there is too much at stake to ignore it.

How prepared is your organization for disruption?

This exclusive study about what truly makes up a resilient organization can help you answer that question. Learn about the stages of resilience maturity and the crucial steps needed to achieve true IT Resilience.  And then measure your organization against peers using Zerto’s IT Resilience Maturity Benchmark Tool.

There is no better time to implement an IT resilience plan and strategy and to, ultimately, embrace digital transformation – not just to survive, but to thrive.